Exclusive Xbox One Titles Vs. PS4’s Triple A Performance – What Is Valued More?

With E3 over and done with for this year and with all the great games that have been on show I have been pondering this question, which is better for a console? Is it better to have a whole range of exciting exclusive games or the more powerful system to run the widely played, mainstream triple A games? Let’s discuss.

I’ve said it many times before and no doubt I will say it many times in the future, I am firstly a console gamer and secondly, and more relevantly, an Xbox gamer and somewhat fanboy. So take some of my comments here, both good and bad, with a grain of salt. That being said, I think that Xbox One has the better line-up of exclusive games coming in both 2015 and 2016. Like I said, coming from the Xbox 360 I have a strong bias to games like Halo, Gears and Fable meaning that to me personally, these are the games I am most excited for. In the same vein, I can also appreciate people coming from PS3 with a strong emotional bond to games like Uncharted, God of War and The Last of Us. These games will only run on their respective systems and no amount of fanboying will make them go to the other system. Anyone who bought a PS4 because it was more powerful, but enjoyed games like Halo and Gears on the Xbox 360 has made a huge mistake.

So there we have the argument in itself for exclusives. No matter where you think is more powerful, you will always be drawn to the games that are closer to your heart, where you have your most fond experiences and memories. This is why the Xbox One still holds its own in the market and why we are seeing more and more people convert from Playstation 4 back to Xbox One, and vice-versa.

Now we move on over to the argument of power. Ask yourself this, does it really matter whether one console is fractionally more powerful than the other? Yes, you may get slightly better lighting and particle effects on multi-platform games, but it doesn’t take away from my experience on a different console and it’s not noticeable if you don’t use the other console to begin with. I can sit here all day and make arguments about which is more powerful, but when you’re playing a game of Fifa, Call of Duty or Destiny with friends, people just don’t care about the slight increase in graphical fidelity as much as which games are a better fit for their life.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of things that go into which console we buy. Everything from which is more powerful and will run games better, to which has the better exclusive games and content, to which console your friends own. A lot of people will tell you that there is no wrong choice and that you should take pride in whichever console you chose to take you into this generation. I am going to tell you that you are a fool if you believe them. There are 3 things that you should look at before buying a console. Which had the better exclusives last generation? Which are my friends going to buy? Is the graphical difference going to matter for me? When you ask yourself those questions, it’s very hard to make the wrong choice.

What do you guys think? Do you value exclusive games and content over graphical fidelity and particle effects? Do you regret buying your console of choice for any of the aforementioned reasons? Leave us a comment and let us know your views on this debate!

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  1. I came from the original Xbox to the 360 then the X1. MS screwed early adopters by effectively abandoning the kinect by making it optional. They stripped everything that made Xbox live great, including the ease of playing and conversing with friends, then they made a system that was difficult to develop against and thus most games were upscaled from 720p. That’s when I made the switch to the PS4 a year ago this August and haven’t regretted it for a second.

    I realize MS may be getting their sh!t together now, but they didn’t. Sony has won me over as the better platform. I still own both consoles but my X1 has been disconnected for almost a year with zero desire to hook it up. While a huge halo fan, they screwed up horribly and burned bridges. I don’t think they can return from that kind of customer betrayal.

    • Microsoft has screwed up since they first revealed the Xbox One! I have owned both consoles and as a Xbox loyal player the Ps4 is the better console hands down! I will give credit to Phil Spencer he has really turned things around for Xbox and is doing really great.I thought i was finished with Xbox as well but i’m now considering buying it back.Ps4 had a great show at E3 but lets face it Xbox has the better game lineup for 2015! Ps4 really has nothing exclusive coming except the Uncharted collection plus Until Dawn! Which by the way has no multiplayer! I plan to own both systems because they both have great exclusives coming in 2016,But i feel Xbox is the best choice this year!

      • @disqus_a5veVn36jK:disqus

        MS is relying on established IPs for the most part this year. Sony is relying on smaller dev efforts and some new IPs. Sony also has a few DLC deals that may win some people over, the Black Ops 3 deal can’t be over looked.

        The fact is MS will really blow their wad here soon. Sony still has PLENTY of studios hard at work on stuff that remains unknown at this time.

        It’s a marathon not a sprint Sony has a large enough lead they can give their first parties the time they need to make games that are exceptional.

        The lack of Uncharted 4 this year does sting a bit.

        • Sony fans need to stop BSing “facts”.

          Ms has MUCH more next year and beyond, and besides that, “Ms” doesn’t blow wads, not the way you’re implying anyhow… unlike SONy, “Ms” is capable of big name titles “coming multiple times” all year-round, such as next year when they start 2016 with ReCore and Quantum Break, in the spring, that should help them better compete with Sony’s DELAYED holiday titles that Sony fans tout as evidence of their more “consistent” year-round line up.

  2. George Seymour, you’re definitely a moron! PS4 is “fractionally better”? Maybe old age has robbed you of your eyesight but it’s quite clear the PS4 is significantly better than the XBone.

    As for what your friend are going to buy; picture this: your friends like taking the bus. If you can drive a car would you rather suffer with your friends? Get real.

  3. I take history. One console tries to milk while another creates.
    Xbox on will have released two AAA yearly released exclusives for the last 5 years and a AAA timed exclusive in a total of 15 months yet they dominate this holiday? No. Adding that everyone knows how they like to fudge their numbers from last holiday… They really are dead in the water. They will see a boost but nothing huge and definitely nothing damaging to sonys massive world wide dominance.

  4. xbox fanboy think that any PS4’s japanese exclusive games are not THE GAME

  5. Haha don’t even bother going into the comment section. It’s full of bigotry, and fanboys rambling.

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