Which Console Has The Better Exclusives Currently – PS4 or Xbox One?

Branded and sold through their exclusives, the PS4 and Xbox One are locked in a constant battle where both are trying to attract new console owners through their exclusive video game titles. Not only does this make or break die hard series fans but can heavily influence whether a person will go team Xbox or team Playstation. However, in order for this to happen, the consoles need to offer fun exclusives and not just mediocre exclusives that don’t rev fans up. Let’s take a look at the top console exclusives for both PS4 and Xbox One that have already been released.

And by exclusives we mean true exclusives that do not appear on any other console.



  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Bloodborne
  • 1886: The Order


PS4 holds one of the most fun and frustrating titles to play: Bloodborne. In this action RPG style game, fans are forced to play smart and tactical or risk restarting from the very beginning of their mission. Selling over 1 million copies world wide, Sony’s new IP has done tremendous for itself and has even swayed people teetering on the line of PS4 or Xbox One to get the PS4 to play the new exciting title. However, the rest of the exclusive titles listed above were not met with the same revere that Bloodborne had exuded. Fans who played 1886: The Order overall seemed displeased with the lack of a cogent narrator and fulfilling story line.


Xbox One

  • Forza Motorsport 5
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Halo The Master Chief Collection

The premiere racing game is back in the form of Forza Motorsport 5 as Xbox One exclusive. Fans of the voluptuous racing title were now treated to a new title in the long line of Forza’s legacy. With better graphics, gameplay, and audio, Forza Motorsport 5 was one of the main titles Microsoft used to advertise the Xbox One. Another big name series title was The Master Chief Collection. While it had a shaky start… Actually that is being nice, it had an awful launch with the extremely broken multiplayer. Even though it had that bad start you can’t deny the package you are getting in that collection 5 Halo games (If you download the Halo 3 ODST update) all in 1080p/60fps with multiplayer support for each game, it’s a Halo fans dream come true, which started as a nightmare that finally turned back in to the dream.

And finally Xbox One has the surprise new IP hit of last year, Sunset Overdrive. In this game you are the hero of Sunset City which has been taken over mutants. The wacky game takes elements from such games as Saints Row and Dead Rising while adding unique elements of its own to give the player an interesting and comedic take on a superheroes journey.

With all of that being said, which console has the better exclusives that have already been released. While PS4 has had much success from their new IP Bloodborne, the Xbox One has more returning series that have kept fans invested in the Xbox console. The PS4 focusing on new IP’s like Bloodborne and 1886: The Order offered new reasons on why a person should become a PS4 fan but, I feel was unable to bring in the same number of fans who retained in the Xbox console franchise. While all the games listed in this article are good in their own right, the Xbox One exclusives were better at bringing in new fans and returning fans to their console.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I agree that xbox currently (and for a while yet) has more and better quality aaa exclusives, but where’s killer instinct/dr3/ryse? Ryse may have come to p.c but you specifically stated “true exclusives that do not appear on any other CONSOLE”. On the ps4 side you missed knack.

    • xbox currently (and for a while yet) has less and shitter quality aaa exclusives

      Metacritic Comparison

      PS4 – TLOU Remastered(95), BloodBorne(93),FF Realm Reborn(86), Guilty Gear Xrd(85), MLB14 The Show(83), Infamous(80), LBP3(79), Samurai Warriors 4(76),Infamous First Light(73), Killzone(73), DriveClub(71), The Order 1886(65), Knack(54), MLB15 The Show(80)

      X1 – Titanfall(86), Forza H2(86), Halo HD(85), Sunset Overdrive(81), Forza 5(79), Dead Rising 3(78), Fantasia(77), Killer Instinct (73) ScreamRide(71), Kinect Sports(60), Ryse(60), Shape Up(58) and Fighter Within(23).

      • You sir deserve to be a game journalist. Your smart and do research and express your points of view in a clear and non offensive way. If you have a blog or site, send me link.

  2. Do some research, what about Knack, Killzone, Little Big Planet and Driveclub? and since you are adding remasters TLOU.
    Sure xbone has a few more as well although most seem to also be on PC.

  3. Article wrote by a delusional xbone fan boy clutching at straws writing half assed uneducated articles designed for flame bait.


  4. Here to say WiiU – we all know it won’t win the console war – but it did win many hearts with its exclusive Super-Titles.
    Parked close to a PS4 and Xbox360 here on the TV, this System really has gained its own soul and deserves more attention.

  5. You are an idiot for writing this and not even having the complete list. Both companies have a lot more. Look at Jesus he listed a lot more than you and premature as well.
    Both great consoles. My preference has always been Sony, but Im glad Xbox exists and they also make great games.

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