Batman: Arkham Knight Review (PS4)

It’s here, the last game in the Batman trilogy from Rocksteady Studios who made it clear that this is the last Batman game from them which makes me think we’ll still see Arkham games, but not from Rocksteady. Anyway Batman Arkham Knight begins 9 months after the events of Arkham City, and this time round Batman is against classic bad guy Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight who’s identity is a total mystery. As the game begins we hear these shocking words

“This is how the Batman died”

Was it dumb to give such a big spoiler away like that? I Don’t think so,  I thought it was an extremely interesting way to start off the game. It was a risky attempt by the talented Rocksteady Studios, but it worked very well as I was interested throughout the whole story to find out how Batman would meet his demise. It never once felt like I had to just get through the story to find out how Batman died, the entire story from start to finish had my interest. I only had one major problem with the story, and this is where the Batmobile discussion starts.

For the first time ever the Batmobile can be used in a Batman Arkham game, this has been a wanted featured by the fans along with the dev team. The Batmobile was never playable in previous games because it wasn’t possible at the time with the much smaller maps, but with Arkham Knight it is over 5 times bigger than Arkham Asylum, with Gotham being spread out over 3 islands. The Batmobile has many uses in Arkham Knight, it’s used for getting around faster, getting through enemies quicker, and also to complete certain puzzles in the game.

Although the Batmobile was enjoyable to use, I felt that Rocksteady relied on it way too much to the point were it would become a chore to get through Batmobile sequences. These sequences are almost like some kind of tank warfare minigame, as you have to blow up enemy tanks with the Batmobile to get through certain missions. I also can’t remember many puzzles in the game that didn’t include using the Batmobile. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am glad we finally got to use the Batmobile, I just think there was too much of a heavy emphasis of the new feature to the point were it became tedious.

The melee combat in Arkham Knight feels similar to previous Arkham game, but comes with enough change that it feels different than the previous titles. One of the biggest changes I saw with melee combat was the use of environmental takedowns during fight sequences. An environmental takedown can be preformed using Batman’s surroundings that are highlighted in blue which includes dropping lights on an enemy to throwing an enemy in to a power box to electrocute them.  Another addition in the melee combat is the use of the Batmobile to takedown enemies. No Batman doesn’t shoot the enemies to death, but rather use bullets that knock the enemy out. Using the Batmobile is a good way of getting out of tricky situation, but can obviously only be used outdoors meaning indoor fight sequences would depend on Batman’s own skills.

Many noticeable changes have been made to stealth sequences, including many A.I improvements. The A.I improvements include new enemies called combat medics who bring some new mechanics to the combat of Arkham Knight. Combat medics can resuscitate enemies that Batman has knocked out, and can also electrify other enemies which causes damage to Batman if you attack them. Other improvements I noticed was that the enemies would adapt to what was happening, they will team up, take orders to look around in groups, drop thermobaric grenades if you are caught below in the grates. Like the melee combat, it feels similar to the previous games but the changes makes an already solid system that much better.

What can you do outside the main story? Well you can do the usual Riddler challenges that can be found in every Arkham game. There are also side missions to complete which are known as “Most Wanted” missions. These side missions includes encounters with a select few of Batman’s greatest adversaries including Penguin and Two Face, but lets keep some of them secret because were is the fun of knowing everyone who shows up in Arkham Knight. The side missions feature a certain amount of sub-missions that need to be completed to fully complete the side mission, once a side mission has been fully completed the supervillian of that side mission will be arrested and taken to the GCPD.

 The Final Verdict 

Is Batman Arkham Knight the best in the series? You know what I really think it has eclipsed the previous two games made by Rocksteady which were both great games in their own right. I feel the changes made along with this being a current gen experience along with an epic finale helped make it the best of the trilogy. The only serious issue I have with this game is the overuse of the Batmobile. If you are a fan of the Batman Arkham series then this is a must buy, and in my opinion the current Game Of The Year for 2015. There is still tough competition with such games as Fallout 4, Battlefront, and Metal Gear Solid V to come, but for now Batman Arkham Knight has safely secured that spot. Go buy it!


+Great story that hooks you in

+Fun gameplay

+Huge and beautiful looking open world

-Over use of the Batmobile

Final score


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