Should Microsoft Enter the Handheld Console Market?

I’m sure every Microsoft fan and Xbox owner has thought to themselves at some point, I wish I had the ability to play my Xbox while on the commute to work, or at the doctors or in a similar situation. There is a couple of ways that this could be looked at as there have been both successful and unsuccessful attempts into this realm by both of Microsoft’s leading competitors, Sony with the Playstation Portable followed by the PS Vita and Nintendo starting off with the various GameBoy systems and moving onto their huge array of next generation Nintendo DS systems. Let’s take at whether or not this would be a profitable and worthwhile endeavour for Microsoft.

We’ll start off by talking a little bit about what the competition for the Xbox handheld would be currently, in the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Playstations Portable systems have had some ups and downs. The original PSP was accepted as a fairly good, albeit cheap and on the go piece of hardware. Put simply, you wouldn’t be doing any hardcore gaming on this system but it was a great casual system for a fairly reasonable price. They then evolved this idea and decided to double down with their next entry to be labelled the PS Vita, and for some reason it just didn’t take for Sony no matter how much they pushed it. Sure, it has gathered a crowd over time, but it in to way rivals any of the other handhelds or consoles for the price currently on the market. So not much competition in the Playstation realm, how about Nintendo?

Nintendo have always been known for their handhelds, going way back to the GameBoy Colour, GameBoy Advanced, all the way through to now with their many Nintendo DS’s up for the choosing. The thing is, they’ve always been successful at it too. The reason for this is that Nintendo’s game library seems to lend itself really well to handheld gameplay and the fact that the handheld systems don’t have unlimited system resources. The pixel graphics from games like Pokemon suit the systems feel so well and through this, the fans have taken a liking to these systems, with them being part of the reason Nintendo still remains a profitable company.

But the real question here is should Microsoft make a handheld Xbox system? Do they deserve to after how this console generation has gone for them? My answer is a firm yes, and here is why.

We’ve seen from the competition that yes, handheld gaming is popular and profitable, and no, it isn’t being tapped into fully by Playstation and Sony. The thing is, Nintendo games differ greatly from Xbox games, so there wouldn’t be direct competition in what they play, and the cloud servers, always connected, Windows 10 functionality of the Xbox and Microsoft mean that this would just be another thing in a list of ways we can be connected to our games all the time as gamers, and that’s something we’re all already really excited about. It also comes from the fact that I’ve felt this way and wished Microsoft would make a handheld for years, but now might be the perfect time to do it.

Would a handheld console be a big play for Microsoft? Let us know down below.

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