Why We Should Be Excited About Microsoft at Gamescom

Now that E3 2015 is behind us, Microsoft are going to be looking to build on their strong showings from this year with a fantastic Gamescom. I think Microsoft were only just getting started hyping up this fall at E3 and you can be sure that they have a killer conference planned for next month. Microsoft’s E3 conference was so jam-packed with goodies in fact, that they decided to save quite a lot of reveals and announcements for Gamescom, being weary that each title would not get enough screen time. Let’s talk about why you should be looking forward to Microsoft’s booth at Gamescom 2015!

Firstly, there are 3 big games that we have been told about. Scalebound, Quantum Break and Crackdown 3 were noticeably absent from Microsoft’s E3 conference and for good reason. The Xbox team know that these 3 games are going to be big enough and will draw enough hype and attention by themselves to warrant their own conference. Of course, we are more than likely going to see a few of the games demoed at E3 on stage too, but that will only add to how great the conference will be.

Scalebound may well be a new IP, but Platinum games so often delivers standout games that you have to have faith in them to deliver something awesome with this game. Also, the concept look cool as hell! Quantum Break is a new IP also, but the Xbox team seem to have put a lot behind this game, leading us to believe it’s going to be something really special and one to look out for.

Then finally we have Crackdown 3, or Crackdown as the devs want it to be known. I am personally looking forward to this game as I do any game that says it will be using Microsoft’s cloud services in any way. It means that physical gameplay elements will have more memory and resources dedicated to them and we will surely see the company do something that isn’t often achievable without some form of external computing. This one’s gonna be awesome and I can’t wait to see if they nail it at Gamescom!

So they are the new games that we haven’t seen much of yet, but even after all of that there will still be the likes of Fallout 4, Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider left to see, as well as so many other exclusive and 3rd party titles that will be running on Xbox this fall. We will probably see some more exclusive gameplay from these great titles too!

And then of course we are going to have a surprise, I’m sure of it! Xbox love to give us something to get excited about and I’m sure this convention won’t be any different. We are likely to see new titles being added to backwards compatibility for the folks in the preview program and more being announced for the official release in the fall. We are also probably going to be seeing some new features and possibly getting some screen time with the new Windows 10 for Xbox One.

I say it all the time, but there isn’t a better time to be an Xbox One gamer than right now. Gamescom is going to work wonders for sales for the Xbox just as E3 did this year. There are some games on this list that will make PS4 players wish they had an Xbox One, and that is a great place to be for Microsoft! The future sure is looking bright for this console and Gamescom will be the beginning of a sharp ramp in sales!

What do you guys think? Is Gamescom going to be important for Microsoft and the sales of the Xbox One? Or are Sony and the PS4 still in the driving seat of this console wars? Let us know with a comment down below!

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  1. because microsoft is tearing it up.ps4 STILL has no good games and i dont like dark souls clones like bloodborne.every other exclusive has been a flop.drive club,the order 1886,i cant remember any more..lol.go ahead and sell 1billion consoles sony.ps4 still lacks exclusives after almost 2 years out.im glad i got an x1.

    • Games announced at E3 skipping GamesCom. More rampant uselessness from MS. They’ve already stuffed it up, and they’re the only one having a conference!

      • they were saving games for gamescon next week.i still think and so do alot of others microsoft still took e3.

        • He’s a poor Sony fanboy, he’s pathetic.

          • pretty much

  2. Thank goodness I already got my Xbox One.. Unfortunately I paid an extra 200$ more than most people for it.. and it came with this cool camera that doesn’t do anything but watch me.. creepy. But yeah.. So I am ready for these awesome games.. when they finally come out!

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