Is Paying So Much For A Year Exclusivity Really Worth It For A Title Like Tomb Raider?

10 million dollars. That’s a lot of money. You could buy houses and flash cars with that. Or you could pay for exclusivity for a game that shouldn’t have been exclusive in the first place. I talk about it here all the time, about whether or not Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus is worth it for the consumers because ultimately you want to be paying for a better experience in the way that you play, not to lock others out of content that has been on both systems for years. Let’s talk about why I’m not a fan of this strategy.

I’ll start off by saying that the 10 million dollar figure is rather speculative, but it has been thrown around in conversation so we are going to assume it’s true for the purpose of this article. Now that that’s out of the way, we can talk about why this is pulling the industry and the consoles further apart rather than building them up as a great place to play regardless. The Tomb Raider games have always been great experiences, and Lara Croft a memorable character. More importantly is that it has pretty much always been available on both platforms and we certainly haven’t seen any paid exclusivity deals within this franchise before. I’m also surprised that the publisher didn’t red flag this deal as soon as it was proposed, but that’s another matter.

I have an issue with this in the gaming space as a whole but this just serves as a means to talk about it. When you deny access to other gamers to make your console look better (especially on a beloved franchise) you look like the villain, not the hero who has saved this game from the evil clutches of the other party. Secondly, and this also leads on from the first point, elevate your console by using the exclusivity money to invest into a new game, much like Microsoft and Xbox have done before with the Halo franchise. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I don’t care about exclusivity for a year, I’d rather everyone had a great experience at the same time and that Microsoft would have put some of the money we pay for Xbox Live Gold into other endeavours that better benefit the consumers.

What do you guys think about this? Are you a PS4 owner who wants to play Tomb Raider but can’t because of exclusivity? Are any of you going to be buying an Xbox One exclusively for this game? Leave us a comment down below.

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  1. where are the articles on the ps4 exclusives from 3rd parties? and basing a argument on a hypothetical number is asinine.
    And do we not remember what company we are talking about? its not apple with around 200billion in the bank, its microsoft who is number two with 91 billion in the bank (google has 64 billion)…. its laughable what sony has in the bank, so 10 million is nothing to a big corporation.
    So this fanboy article is dumb, and since you dont mention much about sonys exclusive deals…how much did they pay for cod timed delay, destiny times delay, and other actual full exclusives, makes it seem uneven and a worthless article.

    • What MS on the whole has in the bank is irrelevant. The specific annual gaming budget is what matters, and it’s nowhere near 91 billion dollars. There are numerous arms to the company & gaming is the main one that actually loses MS money on the reg…I’d read that they still haven’t turned a profit on the gaming division, so I’d say that shareholders want to keep that gaming budget to a minimum, whereas Sony’s most profitable division is gaming, which means that more money gets assigned to that division. 10 million is a modest prediction, it would most likely be fairly higher than that, and that’s 10 million dollars or more that could be spent on actual exclusives. You must have never visited this site because more often than not they are absolutely pro-xbox…A fanboy is someone unwilling to question a single decision from a company they support, seems like you may be projecting.

  2. If its only 10million Microsoft got a bargain if you ask me

    • Yea there pretty dumb how many billion did they waste on minecraft ? lmao

  3. M$ just can’t do anything right….Phil you lying scum…

  4. It’s simple, Microsoft have been pushed to the point of absolute desperation. All of their first party “exclusives” have been nothing more than cheap, worthless, shovelware trash that have flopped on Metacritic. Their pathetic, 720p poverty console is flopping at retail and getting outsold by a ratio of 2 – 1 in every corner of the world.

    The gamers are voicing their opinions with their wallets and have unanimously decided that the PS4 is the only real console to own for true gamers. It’s only the self – deluded, ignorant brand slaves that are still defending the Poverty – Box at this point and sales prove that.

    Microsoft have thrown $10 million at a timed exclusive in one last desperate attempt to try and make their cheap, last – gen failure of a console relevant in the market space, and it failed. The Xbox DONE continues to rot at the bottom of the sales charts like the worthless, broken, peasant console it truly is and the real consumers are still buying far more PS4’s.

  5. $10 million for MS is nothing. The problem is that the deal may cost SE much more. I’m just waiting for the game being released on PC to laugh at the number of torrent leechers. It’s even single player only!

  6. I agree! All companies should spend the money in making new games, not to take away games from the others. Exclusives like scalebound or bayonetta 2 I have no problem with, but exclusives like rise of the tomb raider, street fighter V or Fatal frame those I hate.

  7. People will say ten million is nothing for Microsoft and those people are right, but to the point of the article no its really not worth it, that ten million could have gone into development of a new game for xbone instead of tying up a previously multiplat game for 12 months in order to try and get console sales which will backfire anyway.

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