Rare Replay: One of the Greatest Gaming Deals in History?

So there are a couple of things that are a constant in the games industry, more specifically the new generation of consoles. The first of which is the remastering of older games to make quick money for the studio because apparently old fans with eat up HD graphics on their otherwise perfect games! The second of which is trying to give consumers as much content as possible for their money, and trying to give consumers the best price fitting the content. This collection of games is going to take both of these philosophies and combine them into something massive for gamers, both old and new. The Rare Replay is going to be a huge hit this year. Here’s why.

The price itself is worth a double-take. £18 or $30. Whenever you see a developer that puts their product out there for less than an expected retail price, you know they have the consumers in mind and have their ears to the ground when it comes to the community around their games. If that wasn’t enough to convince you that this is worth your money, how about the fact that there are going to be 30 of the best games from this company, including some games that are, quite literally, some of the rarest games you’ll find. Some of the original game cartridges for the N64 sell for $100+ dollars and have never seen a remake or another way to play them. For example, Conkers Bad Fur Day has never seen a re-release aside from a port to the original Xbox that many fans of Conker Bad Fur Day didn’t enjoy, and is one of the most expensive games on the list. The best part is for all of you value guys, this works out to 60p or $1 per game. It really is an absolute steal and that in itself should be reason enough to buy this collection of wonderful games.

When compared to other “remasters” or “remakes”, the Rare Replay really is the first of it’s kind, boasting 30 games at a steal of a price compared to the good value of something like the Master Chief Collection. While there is no doubt that the 5 games and their multiplayers that are offered in MCC are a great deal from 343 Industries, there really is no beating this deal.

Here’s one for the gamerscore hunters out there… there is 10,000 gamerscore to be horded in this game. I’ll be honest, this was, shamefully, one of the things that completely sold this collection to me right then and there. Playing through and getting the achievements for these games will net me over 1/4 of the gamerscore I currently have. That’s worth it, right there.

I’m going to stop here at the risk of sounding like a salesman for this game, cause I’m not. I’m just a huge fan of companies that know what their consumers want and aren’t afraid to give their games away at a steal of a price, just to get them out into a community that will love what the game stands for.

Let us know what you think about this steal of a deal. Are you guys gonna be picking this game up? What do you think of the games that are in the collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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