Microsoft Confirms The Amount Of Games That Will Be Backwards Compatible At Launch

Microsoft annouced today at their Gamescom conference that over 100 games will be backwards compatible ready for their November 2015 launch. As of now preview members can play a select amount of games which include Gears Of War and Mass Effect.

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  1. they didn’t confirm, over 100 is a general number, and they sounds thousand of more in the future. what a waste of a post.

  2. I’m guessing the most popular games and entry of a series. etc..

  3. Over 100 games will be ready when the B/C launches in November. I’m pretty sure most of the games will be the ones gamers had voted for on the website.

  4. i’m really considering an xbone now, but i want to wait for a hardware redesign first, it’s just too ugly.

    • Lol the halo wars 2 announcement pushed me and I just bought a Xbox one

    • Focus on the screen when u playing then u will avoid the ugliness! My PC is awful looking but when I’m playing civilisation I don’t stare at the tower! Lol

  5. More like “half assed BC”

  6. Just keeps getting better on Xbox. Ps4 is stagnant when it comes to feature additions and updates. I own both and for me the Xbox is better. As well achievements are way better than trophies.

    • I agree with you, Chuck. I also agree that achievements are better because it’s a point system. I have over 50,000 points. Each game starts at 1000 points, so you have an idea of time spent earning them. On the PSN side, I have 253 trophies at Level 6. I have no idea what that means. I have zero platinum trophies (some games don’t offer platinum).

      • Some platinums are just say too much work for such a small reward. I have one platinum trophies and it was obtained by accident I assure you.

        • You’re still completing the game to 100% no matter what console you are on . 1000 Gamerscore or Platinum trophy …. Very simple.

          • Yes, but one can get 1000 points just getting a bunch of very cheap achievements from various games. Instead the Platinum means one did everything in the main game (DLC excluded).

            I’m not really a trophy hunter, but I do like to platinum my RPGs (thus the most time consuming games). It’s also a way to show appreciation for a game. I belong indeed to the crowd who wish there was an option to delete the junk trophies from (usually) PS+ games I just tried.

          • Not all PSN games (AAA) have platinum trophies. MGSV won’t have a platinum according to Kojima.

      • I have a bunch of Platinum’s, maybe you just aren’t very good at games.

      • It means little because lvl 6 is quite low and you didn’t fully complete any single large game, thus your trophies are worth nothing. :p

        Trophies are better because the platinum measure the quality, while the gamerscore are only a matter of quantity. Anyway the overall measurement is represented by the level.

        • You can’t get platinum in all games because the developer decided to not include that trophy. That’s a problem. It’s extremely odd. You would think that getting all trophies would reward you with a platinum.

        • In most games they r similar neither measure quality! PS plus gave me sleeping dogs on ps3 got the platinum. Then on Xbone picked up sleeping dogs remastered got all the achievements and was happy to pay for a good game I enjoyed twice. On games with gold got Child of Light, which I finished and got 27 achievements which usually translates to 27 trophies plus platinum on ps34. Couple of months later good value offer in PS store for Child of Light so I bought it again finished on PS4 only 20 trophies. To my mind achievements a little better cause points measure quality platinums only measure quantity! Plus as everyone knows points mean prizes!

    • trophies are fucking gay as hell

      • Achievements are gay as fuck. I’d rather have a trophy to show off my accomplishments than an achievement. You get trophies for your achievements.

    • Amazing the number of people who shill for xbox who claim to own PS4, sure you do. Just tell us how much you love your xbone and leave it at that, we dont need your lies.

    • Yeah xbox one has a decent lineup this holiday and way more features incoming.

    • The PS4 has got plenty of large updates with features not available on XBone. Like Share Play. Or Spotify. DLNA eventually arrived as well, although after the Xbone.

      • They just labeled some differently. Share Play vs PSN + twitch, DLNA alongside LOTS of missing media abilities added in the media player app (About time!), Spotify has been on there for a long time. Even *some* multiplayer cross platform gaming has started showing up (Like FFXIV). Both systems are at this point viable, decent machines, even if technically not superior from a hardware perspective.

  7. LOL!! Most of the games are from studios or IP’s that Micro$oft owns. Third party titles are scarce as most publishers want a money deal to allow their old titles to have backwards compatibility. Not something Micro$oft wants to deal with.

    These articles sums it up nicely:

  8. First off “over 100” isn’t a confirmation of anything its a rough estimate at best, how many over a hundred Microsoft? And even at “over 100” that’s not 100% compatibility.

  9. Lol I wish Shadow Complex was on the xbox one. I no longer have my 360 and that was one of my favorite games a few years back.

    • It is in the preview program since a few days apparently. I think I saw an article about it a few days ago on DualShockers.

    • I can confirm shadow complex is available in the preview programming. I downloaded it yesterday but haven’t had a chance to fire it up. Looking forward to playing it at the weekend.

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