Did Sony Make A Mistake Skipping Gamescom 2015?

Gamescom 2015 was a breeze for Microsoft, not only because of the wide variety of games and upcoming content it had, but also because its only competition decided to skip Gamescom all together! Microsoft definitely seized the opportunity to get ahead of Sony, not only for Fall 2015 but early 2016 as well. For Microsoft, Gamescom was essentially a second E3, as both new content was shown off as well as more gameplay of content we saw revealed at E3 or at an earlier time.

To start, Microsoft released Rare Replay today to kickstart the supposed “best game lineup in Xbox history.” It was brilliant of Microsoft to start releasing gaming content right as new content is thrown at us at this sort of event. It gives fans things to look forward to, but also holds them over with upcoming content by releasing a game immediately for the Fall 2015 – Spring 2016 lineup.

One thing Microsoft did well was showing off gameplay footage for the first time of some highly anticipated Xbox One exclusives, including Scalebound and Killer Instinct Season 3. In addition, we got a brand new demo of the highly anticipated Quantum Break; a game that features action alongside the manipulation of time. The game’s leading actor is Shawn Ashmore, who surprised fans by showing up at Gamescom today to discuss the game.

As for brand new game announcements, one game we have coming our way is Halo Wars 2, which caught fans by surprise today. It’s been years since the release of Halo Wars, and it’s nice to see the game make a return to Xbox. The first game was not only highly anticipated but it was also greatly successful – most likely because it broke away from the main series a bit – so a second game is sure to do the same thing.

So, looking back at Sony, we see that they missed a huge opportunity to compete with Xbox by perhaps trying the same thing Microsoft did today – release new game footage, news, and even kickstart the fall with a new release right on this day. Sadly, Sony gave us nothing today. That puts Microsoft just that much farther ahead of the game than its only competition. Sony essentially missed the opportunity to release gameplay footage of upcoming games and release news about any brand new games.

Right now, Microsoft is winning the battle, and it ultimately might end up being the most successful company of Fall 2015 / Spring 2016. However, that does not mean Sony can’t come back later to wipe Microsoft clean out of the competition. While Sony skipped Gamescom, it will be hosting its own international media briefing at Paris Games week in October. Sony can pull off the exact same move Microsoft just did, and can do it even better by learning from what Microsoft did today and 1-upping them this October. Therefore, Sony fans should remain patient – Sony will most likely come back forcefully, as the competition between the two companies is expected to remain heated for many years to come.

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  1. MS talks about games games games….. haters talk about sales sales sales

    Haters logic: sales ‘card’ is key for damage control

    • Ok, games. List all of Xbox ones AAA exclusives since launch without any goalpost moving and then we will see who actually likes to talk “games”.
      Two since launch added to the last four years of the 360 drought?
      Actually, I will give you the “talk”. Microsoft loves to talk but when it comes to producing, whole other story.

  2. No. Nothing huge was shown at gamescom to entice either way. A console that is reaching two years old and only has 2 AAA exclusives in that span is not going to make up any ground any time soon especially coming from that horrible line up for the last four years of its previous console.
    The media, of which most is in microsofts pockets, are the big deal. Sony is at gamescom full force just that the tards only know how to leach for the shillings provided by microsoft.
    Microsoft will be releasing its third and fourth exclusives for the Xbox one this fall in its life span they are the exact same games that have released every fall for the last four years. Nothing new and nothing exciting except for that small defense force that already exists.
    Would love to see Microsoft actually talk real sales this fall instead of hiding behind shipped numbers and then claim a victory by doing so.

  3. really enjoyed all that MS has shown this year, and looking forward to next year…..would of been nice of sony to be there, but ohh well, iam still waiting on GOD OF WAR 4 to buy a ps4

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