Could 1080p 60fps Ever Be The New Normal For All Xbox One Games?

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Recently, people believed to have uncovered “leaked” footage regarding Metal Gear Solid V’s plot. In addition, it was also presumably “leaked” that the game would be released in 1080p 60fps. This “news” excited fans, as it would be a new norm for Xbox One to release games with such high quality. It made many people believe that all upcoming games for Xbox One could potentially be released in this format, which would unveil a promising future for Microsoft. However, Konami Entertainment just recently debunked the leak. That’s right – it was fake. Konami confirmed that Metal Gear Solid V will release on Xbox One with 900p quality.

The confirmation by Konami that the leak was indeed fake disappointed many gamers, as now they have no idea where Microsoft will take their game qualities. We do know, however, that the Xbox One will be seeing some new games coming out with such high quality. These games include Halo 5 and Forza 6 – the graphics are therefore expected to be absolutely stunning. This isn’t to say that Metal Gear Solid V won’t be stunning as well, but it just disappointed gamers that this upcoming title will not be released with the most up-to-date quality for gaming.

The real problem with this news, however, is that we no longer know where Microsoft will take their future games – will they continue to release some games with 900p quality or will all long-term future games be released with 1080p 60fps? Could this quality ever become the new normal for all Xbox One games?

Well, let’s take a look at the money and effort it takes to make games with such high quality. First and foremost, it is much more expensive to create HD games in 1080p than in let’s say 720p. Because of this, companies like Microsoft might not want to spend the money on games that aren’t expected to generate huge sales, which is why Halo 5 is set to release in 1080p and MGSV isn’t. In addition, we also need to think about the time and effort it takes to make games in 1080p as opposed to 720p. Both are in HD, but 1080p would take a much longer time to create. Company logic is simply this – “do we really want to delay this upcoming game’s release to deliver it in much better quality?” Companies are essentially asking themselves whether or not gamers are going to think it’s worth the wait. If 720p is already generally accepted by the general public as being great HD quality, then why should companies bother putting in the extra time and effort it takes to make games the best they can possibly be?

Well, I’ll tell you why they might want to. For Microsoft, the biggest reason they might want to start doing this is because of the competition between them and Sony. Sony has been releasing several games with 1080p 60fps quality. In fact, most of the games Sony will release are going to have this quality. We already covered in an earlier article why Microsoft is ahead of Sony so far this year. However, if Microsoft wants to stay ahead of Sony, they need to start releasing games that have just as good quality as Sony’s games, and if not, better.

So, will this ever be the norm for Microsoft? Well… probably not actually. Even though Sony is currently releasing better quality games than Microsoft, the Xbox One is still thriving ahead of the PlayStation 4, and that might be lost if Microsoft has to take their time releasing exclusives with such high quality. In the long-run it would probably be worth it for Microsoft, but these gaming companies are thinking about here and now. Some day this might be the norm for Microsoft, but the way things are going right now, the Xbox One will most likely be all over the place with the quality its games will be released with. However, it does look like the big games everyone’s waiting for will be released in 1080p 60fps, which is definitely something to look forward to. What’s your opinion on the quality of Xbox One games? How important is quality to you? Do you think this can ever be the new norm for Microsoft? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Microsoft can’t change third parties lack of optimization ability. They have no say so in how a third party dev releases its game on x1 in terms of resolution and FPS.

  2. No, and neither will the $0N¥ PauperStation POOR

  3. Neither console meets that standard. More games are running better as the generation progresses. First party content will always be better. There are a lot of big titles that do reach that goal but honestly it’s not needed for every game.

  4. No…1080p and 60fps won’t be “standard” for the xbone this gen. I don’t think 1080p 60 fps will be standard for the ps4 either. The consoles are what they are…people need to stop projecting nonsense onto both of them…they both have their strengths and weaknesses, with the ps4 being more capable from a strictly technical perspective. No amount of software tweaks or clouds are going to change the hardware. That is why they sell you a piece of hardware, the computations have to be done in the machine….the cloud will only be used for assets that aren’t latency dependent…using it for anything else would induce so much lag it would make your head spin.

  5. Hey bub, just because one has showed many bullets does not mean a hit. One can have just a few but has proven to get 23 million hits.

  6. Xbox one quality has been great for me. The TV integration was awesome because I got two kids at home and I’m not gaming until after 10 pm everyday and its nice to change the channel with voice control. As a one armed gamer the controller is awesome and constant updates, new apps and kick ass games, like sunset overdrive, halo and forza keep me busy. Resolution is great and it is not noticible unless you are 2 inchs from the screen that there is actually a difference from ps4. As a member of the preview program, Microsoft is constantly improving my console and playing classic Gears of War while awaiting the ultimate edition is wicked. Anybody want a invite. Send me a message on Xbox live and I’ll send you one. My gamertag is insanityman01. Happy Gaming fellow Xbox fans.

  7. No, the Xbox DONE is holding gaming back with it’s weak, trashy, last – gen hardware and garbage games. The PS4 is able to run MGSV flawlessly at 1080p and 60fps with the greatest of ease but the weak, pathetic, non – gaming Poverty Box struggles to cough up a 900p resolution, PATHETIC.

    Microsoft have built a weak, pathetic excuse for a console aimed at people who are too poor to afford the real thing and their trash hardware is holding back not just the PS4 but the entire gaming industry in general.

    It’s really no wonder why the PS4 claimed a sales victory for yet ANOTHER month in a row because real gamers know there’s only one option to play real games. The Poverty – Box is weak, worthless, non – gaming trash for paupers and sales prove that. :^)

  8. yes the xbox one has more 1080p/60fps exclusives then ps4 forsa 6,halo 5forza horizon 2,.people still have no clue abut 900p vs 1080p that there isnt much difference at all.the only exclusive since launch thats not 1080p is sunset overdrive.oh and xbox one still has the best exclusives.all i can say about the ps4 is the order 1866…lol

    id say right now there are 75% of xbox one games that are 1080p.the rest are 900p and ea dice games that are 720p.thats the real problem is that dev.they are the only one that cant hit at least 900p on xbox one.heck bf hardline was 900p on the ps4 and those clowns thought they were playing at my they cant tell the difference argument,they ps4 players had no clue they were playing at

    but aside from dice game which is only a few the xbox one has 900p to 1080p games on it a lot of them.with dx12 being added it will have more 1080p games on it.the only games that have been 720p is some launch titles and dice games ie battle field 4,batttlefield hardline and star wars battlefront.i can live with out those

  9. at least 1080p/30fps.the last game i remember that was 900p was need for speed.every game that has been coming out now has been at least 1080p/30fps.onle ea gamees run 720p and 900p on ps4.i dont think its the consoles there.its the devs not the system as we can now see.

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