Call Of Duty Black Ops III Beta Code Giveaway (Open Worldwide!)

ThisGenGaming is giving away beta codes for Call Of Duty Black Ops III. To enter tell us in the comments section what is your favorite Call Of Duty game of all time. Remember to also follow us @TGGamingReviews on Twitter for more Black Ops III news.

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  1. Call of Duty Black Ops!

  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Played it all the time with friends, both locally and online!

  3. Call of Duty World at War because it was the first CoD I ever played. It was one of the best in my opinion cause I never stopped playing zombie mode and having fun with Tanks/Flamethrowers

  4. Would have to be the original Black ops

  5. Modern Warfare 2

  6. Cod Waw has to be the best Cod, saying that any Treyarch game is good by me, as long as no one says COD Ghosts!! 😛

  7. Black ops 2 is my favorite.

  8. cod 4, the one that built it all

  9. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the original ultimate COD multiplayer game

  10. Call of duty:world at war cause it was my first one

  11. Call of Duty: Black ops is the best call of duty game in my opinion, such good memories 🙂

  12. Call of Duty MW2 because it took the best features of the previous one and implented many likeable changes!

  13. Call of duty black ops 2 because it whas the one i played the most

  14. Call of duty black ops 2 <3

  15. world at war was the best cause it’s the one that started the Epic Zombie mode

  16. Call of duty 4 (MW1) was really good, but black ops 2 took that spot as the best Call of duty game in my opinion. Many of hours were spent playing that with friends 🙂

  17. I think Black Ops 2 was my favourite. All round good game, pretty balanced and fun!

  18. I loved Call of Duty Black Ops 2 the most, I still play it on PC today.

  19. I’d have to say that either MW2 or BO2 are my favourite. Both have great map layouts, great gun balance and good game-mode diversity (BO2 more than MW2).

  20. Yep double the chance…

  21. For me it was WaW love the old weapons as not a big fan of the more modern weapons in CoD games now

  22. For me it was modern warfare 3 I absolutely destroyed teams with the Javelin

  23. black ops 2 was the best for me 🙂

  24. Call of Duty AW, thats the only one i played lol

  25. World at war is my favorite COD. I really like WW2 games

  26. Modern warfare. Revolutionized multiplayer fps

  27. World at War is my favorite… Why? It’s a masterpiece and a damn good game. The gameplay is simply COD4 with a different era.

    Its fun, fast, and arcadie. In terms of singleplayer, this installment saw you brave the horrors of WWII from both a Russian and American perspective; battling the Japanesse on Iwo Jima and beating down the 3rd Reich from Stalingrad to Berlin. Featuring the voice talents of Keifer Sutherland for the American Sgt. Roebuck, and Gary Oldman for the premier of the legendary hard-as-nails Russian sniper – Viktor Reznov. The campaign is both compelling and fantasicaly written with mixes of close and ranged combat along a spectrum of locales beautifully designed and planned. The singleplayer is, as far as im concerned, unsurpassable by any other “Call of Duty” game.
    It’s just a fun game.

  28. Call of Duty Black Ops was my favorite Call of Duty. It explored the dark secrecy the U.S. was involved with in the Vietnam War. They based the single player off of actual secret operations both sides of the war conducted. Such as the MKUltra project by the Soviet Union, and the illegal incursions into Cambodia by the US. There have been very few games comparatively that take place in the Cold War era, and as such it is always refreshing and exciting to see a game take on such a role.

    Not only did Black Ops have an amazing story, but the experimental and secret tones in the campaign translated to cool and bizzare weapons and kill streaks in the multiplayer section of the game. That is why I believe Black Ops was the best Call of Duty game, and that is why I am looking forward to Black Ops III.

  29. I personally LOVED MW2 The campaign was amazing, the multiplayer was really REALLY great, and yeah.

  30. Well, what Can i Say! Call of Duty World at War was absolutely amazing and still one of my favourite FPS right now

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