Rainbow Six: Siege Delayed – How It Will Be Good For the Game!

So as of the last couple of hours, we have found out that Ubisoft have decided to delay their next big first person shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege. Siege was slated for an October release but the developers have decided they have bitten off more that they can chew for that release window and have instead decided to release the game on December 1st of this year. Let’s talk about why this will mean that Rainbow Six: Siege will be a better game.

Firstly, I’ll give you my “talk” on why short delays of perhaps a month or two are a good thing for games with the anticipation of Siege. With Siege being such a big project hoping to revolutionise the world of shooters, if Ubisoft don’t think the game is in a fit state for release, it shouldn’t be released. A couple of months of extra anticipation is the couple of months that could make or break the game. It would be a tragedy if Siege released with textures missing, bugs all over the place and the game not as fun as we are expecting. This leads to a playerbase that buys into the hype and sells it within the week because it didn’t live up to it, only for the studio behind it to patch it and turn it into a great experience. This delay means more polish.

More importantly perhaps, this delay puts Rainbow Six: Siege’s release date in December, which is a pretty dry month for games usually, but really close to Christmas and the holiday season. This means that the Call of Duty hype will have died down and we will know if games like Battlefront are worth it. This could mean that a lot of people ask for Siege as a present instead of another game that might not have lived up to expectation. There are also people who are trying to balance out which games they buy as this year has already proven to be an expensive one for a lot of gamers with so many big titles coming out.

Overall, this delay will bring nothing but good things for Ubisoft and Siege, we will end up with a better final product which is more polished and will come out at a better time for the game.

Is Siege’s delay a good or a bad thing? We want to hear what you think, down in the comments below!

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