Why Star Wars Battlefront Will Be Game Of The Year

E3 2015 brought us exquisite gameplay footage of the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game, which made fans roaring with excitement for this game that will release November 17th this year. The Star Wars video game series is a very remarkable series for gaming because it’s a gaming series that is based on a movie. Typically with what we’ve seen in the past, games that are based on other media like these aren’t around for very long. However, the Star Wars series has been around for quite a while and based on the fan base it seems that it will be around for many years to come. Speaking solely to this upcoming game, however, it might be the most anticipated game the series has seen to date. In fact, it is so highly anticipated that it might even gain the title as game of the year. But, will this game stand up against strong competitors like Fallout 4?

Well, let’s look at the Battlefront games as a whole. Since their debut, these games have been a hit with Xbox/PlayStation gamers. Specifically, they were very highly regarded on the original Xbox and PlayStation 2. Now, let’s fast forward more than ten years later and the fans see that a new Battlefront game will finally be releasing November 2015. The amount of hype this news spewed up was incredible because of how many years have gone by. This fact immediately blows away any games that have annual releases like Call of Duty.

Many people say that the game simply isn’t tough enough to compete against game giants like Fallout 4  and the highly anticipated Rise of the Tomb Raider. These types of games are really hard to stand up against because they have releases at least every couple of years, which keeps the fan base satisfied, brings on new gamers, and in general just keeps the series up-to-date. However, Battlefront wasn’t just some one-time game that people forgot about once the releases stopped. Rather, the fan base kept up with the game and it stayed thriving for many years to come, which is most likely the reason why the creators decided to release another title. Because of the lack of content we’ve seen in the past ten or so years, the fan base was constantly just waiting for something new to come their way, and now that something new is finally here the fan base explodes with excitement and just like that this game can easily become game of the year.

It does, however, need to bring new content to old gamers and good content in general that is friendly to any new gamers. So, what do we have coming our way this November in terms of the game’s content? Well, the fans would be happy to know that this game looks absolutely amazing. Not only does it bring on the old Battlefront feel of the previous games, but it also introduces new Battlefield-style gameplay and of course has an updated graphic system. The real hero will most likely be the Battlefield-style gameplay, for it is a highly regarded engine that is sure to please both old fans and newcomers.

Therefore, this upcoming game just might have what it takes to stand up against top competitors this Fall. The fan base is roaring with way too much excitement for this game to be shunned off as a non-competitor against seemingly stronger games like Black Ops III and Fallout 4. The great thing about this game is that not only will those who bought the older games contribute to sales and its popularity, but the game will also most definitely bring on newcomers to the series, which will grow the fan base even more. The competition is tough, but looking at the big picture, it seems like Star Wars: Battlefront has a chance at being game of the year. So, what do you think? Does Star Wars: Battlfront stand a chance against top competitors? Would you like to see this game win game of the year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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