Metal Gear Solid V Street Date Broken In The UK By Big Retailer, Streams Massively Increase

A company in the UK notorious for sending early preorders to customers called “SimplyGames” sent their pre-orders out yesterday, and customers are receiving them this morning. Here are a few tweets of the happy customers receving their copies of MGS V.

There have been some other countries that have broken the street date, but not on the scale the UK has as “SimplyGames” is a highly reputable company with many people using the site for pre orders. There has also been a major increase in streams on Twitch over the last few hours due to this broken street date.

What does everyone think about this broken street date? Is it unfair to the fans around the world who have a higher chance of being spoiled now? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Whoever wrote this article is a total jerk, as are the other people who named and shamed the retailer! They did us fans a favour by sending it slightly early as the day before it releases is a bank holiday Monday, which always disrupts the post schedule. The (un-named) author of this article should be ashamed at this click-bait attempt of an article.

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