Mad Max Review (PS4)

With a release of September 1st 2015, it was always going to be tough for Mad Max. Everyone knows that this date belongs to Metal Gear Solid V, and after such critical praise for the game, it makes you think if many people would give Mad Max a chance due to the hype surrounding MGS V.

In Mad Max you play as Max who was left left for dead after all of his equipment was taken from him by a group which is ran by the main villian Scabrous Scrotus. Not long after you meet your partner in crime named Chumbucket who helps Max with the all the vehicle mechanical stuff.

Vehicles are a major focus point of Mad Max. You will actually find yourself being in your vehicle (named The Magnum Opus) more than on foot which is very unique for an open world game. With that in mind, the development team had to make The Magnum Opus different than your average open world vehicle, which they managed to do by adding a deep customization menu. Purchasing items for The Magnum Opus opens up a whole new array of gameplay options like using a harpoon or a sniper rifle.

The Magnum Opus and how other enemies in vehicles are presented does feel very similar to Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag’s ship and other enemies in their ships, which was a great comparison Hardcore Gamer made. The Magnum Opus feels like it’s your personal car, you choose the body, the color, decals, and a hood ornament to add that extra personality to your Magnum Opus.

Then you have all the extra upgrades like ramming grill, armor, spikes, ect to make the absolute best in this post apocalyptic world. This is all how you get that “Black Flag feel” as in Black Flag, you had The Jackdaw which was your ship which you constantly upgraded to make it the best ship on the seas. While in Mad Max you have The Magnum Opus which is the vehicle you get which you constantly upgrade to make it the best vehicle of the wasteland.

Then you have the enemy vehicles that have that resemblance to Assassin’s Creed IV with variety of vehicles with some being weak, and easy to take out while some would be a death wish to even go near until you upgrade your Magnum Opus to a certain point. The harder vehicles also contain items that you can collect if you manage to take out that vehicle, but special enemy vehicles like these come with a lot of other vehicles that are there to protect the main vehicle.

The customization goes even further with Max himself having customization features. You can change the look of Max by choosing one of the many head upgrades, you can also change Max’s jacket which comes with different benefits, and other features like knuckledusters, wrist armor, and ammo belt. To earn these different customization options for Max you will have to keep levelling up as these options will unlock at certain levels rather than exchanging them for an in game currency. There is an in game currency called griffa tokens which can be exchanged for increased abilities like maximum health, lowering vehicle fuel usage, and being able to boost levelling up by 1 point.

Melee combat will feel like other Warner Bros published games (Batman Arkham and Shadow Of Mordor) with its free-flow style combat system. The hand to hand combat feels brutal to use against enemies with the sounds and animations used. Environments like walls can be used in your favor as you can press an enemy against the wall, and punch the crap out of him until he’s finished off. There is also a “fury meter” which can be built up during ground combat. Once the meter is full you will enter “Fury Mode” were strikes become much more powerful.

Mad Max has a very unique setting for an open world video game. It is set in a post apocalyptic wasteland with a desert like terrain. This means there is no buildings and very little scenery. Some may find this boring and repetitive as it’s not what you’d expect with an open world game. Then you also have some pretty cool features with this kind of setting like random dust devils and sandstorms throughout the map. We’ve been too used to the open world game that features a vast amounts of buildings, land, and color so I personally like the setting just for it being so different than your average open world title, but I understand some will not like it.

What put me off of Mad Max the most was the story missions are not enjoyable at all, and totally threw me off the story altogether. The main story missions are mostly go to this place and take it over, or collect items to upgrade your vehicle. It all felt like a pile of side missions/activities were turned in to main missions and felt longer due to the grinding style of these missions. I also found using the car to become quite tiresome pretty early in the game due to how much you have to use it, and most of that time spent is just driving from one place to the other.

The Final Verdict 

Mad Max isn’t going to be a game I call a must buy on release date or even something you must play. It’s definitely worth giving a try because it can be quite fun to play at times. I liked the customization features for both Max and the cars, and I thought the game managed to be familiar but have a unique take on different things like combat for example. Although my thoughts of the game started strong, they dropped more and more as I advanced through the game. I’d say for now to hold off on your purchase until it drops in price.

+ Mad Max has a unique take on successful features of popular games

+ Customization features

-Story missions feel repetitive and aren’t fun to play

-Driving becomes tedious quite quickly

Final Score


Here are the patch 1.01 details for Mad Max which has been dubbed “Day Zero Patch”

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  1. Hey guys, if you have any questions about Mad Max or the review then ask in the comment section, and I will get back to you.

    • Hey man … I’m a huge fan of max even have the same injury
      I love this character
      Please tell me I’m going to enjoy this game

    • Lol n who r u?

      • Hes Mr. Popular cause he released his poorly written review ahead of the embargo! He’s a Big boy now… lmao

  2. The Jackdaw not jackal

    • Had Jackal in my mind due to the car in Mad Max. My bad.

      Thanks for letting me know.

  3. i actually managed to get the game early and i agree completely with this review. it’s only like 5 missions into the story before it becomes “hey clear out all these side missions to progress” “done with that? ok now do it over here”. i was a little disappointed with the rpg elements they put into max himself but they clearly want you to be driving all the time. probably not a day one buy unless you’re a huge fan. but i’d give it at least a 7 because despite the garbage story it does manage to expand upon the mad max universe more than the movies.

  4. your a fucking idiot, keep your opinions to yourself. MGS sucks!

    • So, keep your opinion to yourself, hater.

    • I mean MGS is pretty damn good, and the critical consensus for MGSV is that it’s a must play so…

    • you suck

      • I concur

        • thank you

  5. as a person who isnt much of a Mad max fan, i also got the game early but i completely disagree with what u have to say. The game is very fun and driving doesnt get tidious, You probably dont know how to write a review from what im seeing but in my opinion i give this game a 9

    • Appreciate your input 100

    • “You probably dont know how to write a review from what im seeing…”

      And what makes you think you can? Idiot.

      • Dumb trying to talk junk on the internet to someone…. POINTLESS

  6. I also got the game early and have to disagree with the reviewer also. Driving absolutely does not get tedious In fact its a joy to explore the wasteland I’m 10 hours in and haven’t even got many upgrades for the magnum opus yet .

    • Thanks for tha input

    • So you know after 10 hours you’ll love driving around an empty ass wasteland for another 30 hours collecting a bunch of bullshit? Don’t ever post again.

      • So what gives you so much insight into it .im merely saying what I believe to be true and inform people .as your comment about me never to post again . Here’s an idea for you keep that shit to yourself . Oh and my up votes disagree with your comment. You moron.

      • ARooker, heed your own advice and don’t ever post again unless you have some insight into game play or having played the actual game itself. Simon having played 10 hours has every right to be posting his opinion, you on the other hand having played 0 hours so far, and talking as if you know what the game is all about, have no right talking this trash based on no experience with the game.

    • It cost me $22 us to preorder over a week ago with the ripper dlc on PC. I am wondering how low do they want the price?
      How does it compare to say ‘Rage” though? I actually liked that game but found there wasn’t enough vehicle interaction.

  7. So badly written… Clearly just putting any old shit out there to get early traffic.

  8. Lol clueless noob. This Game deserves 80% or more. Yes the car handling sadly sucks a little bit, and the fighting mechanics arent the best too, but the whole Game ist Great!

    • Lol “the driving and fighting sucks…which is pretty much the core of the entire fucking GAME….but everything else is awesome!! 59/10 best game ever”

      • you want to hate this game so bad don’t you.

      • 59/10? Hmm don’t think so genius.

      • Cant remember that i said that the fighting sucks. It is pretty cool actually, especially when you learn new moves, its lot of fun

  9. Disappointed with this review. Watched like 10 hours of Mad Max game play over the weekend and its not a 6.5/10 sorry. Its at least a 7 to 8 based on the high production values alone. You can tell Avalanche put a lot of love into this game. From what I saw for you to of scored this a 6.5 tells me maybe Mad Max just doesn’t work as a video game franchise in general. Cause Avalanche nailed the type of game this should be. This reminds me of Alien Isolation Reviews and how it deserved better scores. Mad Max is a barren wasteland unfortunately just like Alien is a campy creepy stealth survival game. Feel bad for these Dev’s who try and it goes unappreciated or misunderstood. 🙁

    • You do realize that the game will rake in miloions upon millions of dollars and its hard to feel bad for developers if the game isnt as good as it should be. W all the money or profit they make on games it should b superb not just ok n then feel bad for developers hard work that isnt what the consumer wanted or paid for. Stop feelihg bad for developers its there job and get paid well to do it. So it should be amazing. I dnt understand why they dont just ask gamers wat they want n incorporate it into the game. It would turn out much better for both sides and then we couldnt complain as much. Overall stop pittying the developers hardwork when ppl arent happy w it. Its there job to make us satisfied w there game not just ehh its ok ill settle. W out us they have nothing n we deserve a great game from them when we pay for them.

      • Well in my OPINION game seems solid! So I will say or do whatever i want. Understand where your coming from tho. Agree with that to a certain extent,but this game seems well made to me.

    • Alien Isolation…aka….Door Opening Simulator. That game sucked a giant dick.

    • Hell yeah

    • So, let me get this straight. You have never played the game, but you feel you are qualified to criticize someone who has actually played it just because you watched footage of it? Sorry, bud, life doesn’t work that way.

      • Just sayin’ it’s kinda hard to criticize someone’s review of a product when you haven’t consumed the product yourself. How do you know that the criticisms posted in a review aren’t valid until you’ve actually played it? I get that it’s your opinion. Just, if the game looks good to you, maybe you should play it and then post your review/rebuttal then.

        • Everyone who has streamed it said the driving and fight controls felt fluid. When i watched them play it looked like it lined up with what they were saying. Just seems like something don’t add up. They say its good and this reviewer says its bad. Guess in reality its somewhere in the middle then. Cause ppl opinions so far seem to be too varied.

  10. mgs sucks

    • TROLL ALERT!You do realize ppl that say that r the ones who suck at games w ne real challenge or need for thinking. Also you must b to stupid to understand the story. So b4 u go around saying that it sucks maybe you should understand that its youwho sucks sir! Suck a dick! P.s my grammar is bad due to the fact that im on a ps4 virtual keyboard.

      • o you’re just a mo! ijs.

  11. Here come the keyboard warriors.

    • “Your grammar is bad, therefore your opinion is invalid!”

  12. Then you have bad editing, because someone hasn’t checked their article for repetitions.

  13. In this cut n paste world I knew this game was gonna be stale when they stopped investing loadsa cash into its advertising. Bet they were aiming to release alongside the movie but missed it. Lot of money getting lost here whoops.

  14. >This date belongs to MGS V
    >>Give Mad Max a try even tho OMG MGS V IS COMING OUT AT THE SAME TIME, SO KAWAI!

    Seriously, could you write this review with more of a bias opinion? The fact that you just had to mention that September 1st “belongs” to MGS, and how its so critically praised as this totally awesome game. Kind of speaks volumes on how you didn’t truly give a fair reveiw to Mad Max in general. Probably because you were to busy snuggling your Big Boss love pillow? You may as just completed every sentence with “BUT HOLY SHIT, METAL GEAR SOLID SURE IS AMAZING”. Learn how to write a proper reveiw without having to shoe horn in another games release date. I didn’t come here to read about how September is the month of Metal Gear, I came here for an honest opinion. And within the first few lines, I don’t beleive that you gave me that.

    • 100% agree with u.

    • Yeah this Review is a FAIL!

    • I preordered both and Mad max was half the price of MGSV. Looking forward to both in equal measure.

  15. wow just wait until ign and gamespot reviews

  16. Everyone has their opinions, but it comes down to wether you yourself likes the game.i believe in playing it for myself (tonight), before goin off on what people say

  17. Solid Snake says to Max – Your game is shit!! My game is epic!!!

    • Honestly think both games look good,but i like this comment! LMAO

  18. Clearly – author is a Mgs fanboy! LOL 🙂

  19. I read another review for Xbone and they said the framerate gets horrible when the game gets busy. I always said that this game needs to average about an 8 and people will buy it later and use it for a stocking stuffer.

    • I just played this and can
      confirm that the framerate can start to decay when there are lots of things on screen. p.s I am playing this on PC so experience may differ and might just be a bad

      • May I ask what video card you were using? I’m planning on buying this, but I wonder whether I’ll have to upgrade.

        • Im using the GTX 960 but I can tell you that after updating my Nvidia Drivers I haven’t experienced any problems with this game at all even while recording gameplay of it for youtube.

  20. “Very” unique as opposed to unique?

  21. Metal Gear wins again.

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