Metal Gear Solid V’s Prologue Might Be The Greatest Introduction To A Video Game Ever

There have been many great introductions to a video game in past years. Uncharted 2 for example is one of the most famous introductions with Nathan Drake climbing up a train that is hanging of a cliff. Then you have other great openings to other video game series like Mass Effect and Bioshock. I think Metal Gear Solid V’s prologue is just that one better compared to these classic introductions.

In Metal Gear Solid V you awaken from 9 year long coma, and watch in a first person view as Big Boss struggles to come to the terms that not only has he lost 9 years of his life, but he also his arm. It also uses this as the perfect tie in to create your character for what we assume is for your MGS V Online character with doctor asking if you can remember your name and birthday then being promoted to make the character. After all this is were it starts to get really good.

The hospital is attacked, and the doctors and nurses are killed right in front of Big Boss with his demise next to come to fruition. In the last second Big Boss is saved by an unidentified man who offers to help him escape the hospital which is the first time we actually control Big Boss. For a good portion of the introduction you are unable to walk, and must crawl through the level which gives you that feeling of weakness that you will almost never feel in this game again. This is also the part of the introduction were it takes a shocking turn in style.

I watched as I saw a series known for its stealth and action gameplay turn in to an intense style that almost crosses the borderline of horror. I mean hell at one point you even encounter a on fire version of the Nemesis from Resident Evil… seriously. The amount of bloodshed and death in this section could rival your typical horror game, it was just an unexpected as well as shocking sequence. There was one moment in this opening that was truly horrifying, and really caught me off guard. Big Boss and the mysterious man manage to find surviving patients and doctors in a locked and tight corridor, then out of nowhere soldiers come from both sides of the gates and gun all the survivors down in an extremely brutal and shocking scene. Big Boss and the unidentified man just manage to get out of there before being gunned down.

By the end of this one hour prologue it managed to do things that some videos couldn’t do in 12 hours. I was enticed in to the story, I was left in legitimate shock at times, and most importantly I wanted to keep on playing. It was intense, it was powerful, it was the greatest introduction to a video game I’ve ever played.

And it’s going to be a long time until it is beaten.

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  1. While it was great it was a slight downer due to its length. I think it took me over an hour to complete it. The length hurts its stance as the best ever. I think that will remain with TLOU or GTAV for me.

    • I agree with you. He mentioned the UC2 intro and I think its better than MGSV intro. Also, TLOU is incredible as well. Its really incredible. MGSV intro is very solid but definitely not the best.

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