Draw A Stickman: Epic Review (Xbox One)

Draw a Stickman: Epic released first on handheld devices in 2012, then on Steam in 2013 and it has managed to find its way onto a console near you. That being said, with it being a mobile game, has it passed the conversion to console test? Let’s see whether this indie title is a good buy, or one to avoid.

We’ll start by looking at the gameplay and how you are delivered your objectives. You start off by drawing your stickman with a Kinect sensor (if you have one) or with your controller if you don’t. The issue is, it’s not very well documented that you can disable the Kinect sensor, so I found myself frustratingly waving at my screen for about 15 minutes before I disabled it and continued drawing as normal.

The concept of the game is solid and something that I could find myself playing if it was executed better. Running through the world as a stick man character that you create looking for his friend, whom you also create, drawing your character a variety of tools to help him with the job sounds great in theory, but this game doesn’t quite do the idea justice.

The issue with the drawing in this game is that there is no check as to whether you have drawn anything remotely close to what you are supposed to. For example, the first mission requires you to draw a fire but you can just put a dot on your objective and the game thinks the objective is complete. By the time I got few a couple of levels I ended up just drawing swirls over my objectives rather than attempting to draw a key or a cloud. It makes the game a bit tedious when you are basically pointing at an object and clicking it to activate something, just to advance and click the next thing.

The art style is either poor choice or laziness. The browns and whites in this colour palette make this game really boring to look at. I understand it’s supposed to look like it’s been drawn on a notepad or something but that doesn’t mean the colours need to be washed out and unpleasant to look at. There are plenty of games with this art style that look great visually, but this game just doesn’t nail it.

If you’ve a mind for little puzzles, you will have this game done, collectables and all, within 4 hours. Given how simplistic this style of game is, I would have liked to see more levels, or new things to do with new tools as you go back into older levels more.

Ultimately, this game is the epitome of mobile to console ports. They don’t feel right, the controls are slow and clunky and it’s just not engaging and entertaining enough to keep my attention in the living room. This game, like many others of its kind appears to be a quick port to console, with the goal of earning a little bit of extra cash along the way for their next title, which is becoming more of a problem in modern day console and PC gaming. This game was meant for commuters who have 15 minutes on the train on the way to work, not engaged console play.


Final Verdict – 4/10

+ Nice concept
+ Character creation is pretty cool

– Graphic design is bland
– Gameplay doesn’t seem thought out
– Poor port to console
– Too short, not enough to do


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