Our 5 Favourite Things About Destiny’s Patch 2.0

So this Tuesday, Destiny got its much needed 2.0 update and boy did it have some juicy stuff in it. Along with some nerfs and buffs to weapons that weren’t balanced at all, there were some sweeping changes to the game as we knew it. More gamemodes in the Crucible preview, more vault space and a new and improved light/level system. Let’s talk about our favourite changes.

More Vault Space!

It’s an issue that we as a community have been pleading with Bungie about for a while. They had been very adamant up to now that there was simply no room to expand the vault and this was without a doubt due to last generation consoles limiting what the game could be. This might not seem like a huge issue to someone looking in from the outside because “who needs 13 primary weapons, 17 special weapons and 15 heavy weapons?”. The real issue was when you ask collectors how much vault space they had, and what they needed it for. I, myself, am a collector in Destiny and have suffered through the vault space drought of year 1. I currently have all Vault of Glass gear apart from 2 weapons, all Crota’s End gear, all Prison of Elders gear, all Trials of Osiris gear and various other gear that I feel fits my play style across PvE and PvP. This vault space upgrade is a huge thing for collectors and is just generally a good thing for Destiny.

Collection Kiosks!

To go along with what I was just saying, these collection kiosks are just fantastic at doing exactly what you would expect of them. No longer do you need to hoard shaders, ships, emblems, sparrows and exotics in your vault and on your characters, we now have the ability to pick them up whenever we want from these kiosks meaning you can clear up your inventory without the possibility of never being able to get that item back. This also compliments the improved vault space we talked about before as it means there is plenty more room to store materials and consumables in the vault because there is no longer masses of shaders and emblems filling it up. On the topic of collections and saving space, I thought this would also be a good time to mention the 5 extra material and consumable slots… Thanks Bungie!

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  1. Great article! It’s great to see a developer really back their product and build it to the community’s needs. Never really gotten into Destiny… now may be the time, especially with that Taken King content coming too!

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