How Assassins Creed: Syndicate is a Service to Fans of the Series

Ubisoft are well aware they made mistakes with Assassins Creed: Unity when it released last year. The game was riddled with bugs, glitches and issues at launch that took a while to fix. We know Ubisoft respect their fans as we saw them giving away games to people who bought the season pass and the first DLC to anyone who bought the game. Unity had a lot of issues, but we know that Ubisoft are capable with way more from this franchise and we’re confident that Assassins Creed: Syndicate won’t make the same mistakes that last years title did. Let’s look at why this might be the best Assassins Creed game to date and why fans of the series should be looking forward to a great game this year.

So as I’ve already mentioned, Unity was choc full of bugs and issues on launch last year. It took the team a couple of months and a few patches to get these issues all ironed out and sorted but by the time that had happened, a large chunk of their playerbase had fallen off. This was a real shame as Unity set out to be one of the first Assassins Creed games that gave you a reason to come back every week, with their in-built multi-player clan war features. We know that it’s in no one’s best interest for this years game to fall into the same fate. For the players, it means another year where Assassins Creed is just a sub-par experience and will make people question whether or not future titles are worth their money. This is also a huge concern for the developers as with people dropping out of their game without trying the multi-player features and modes that they have been hard at work on, there is wasted money on underused resources as well as the fact that another broken game will lead to less sales on the next title, ultimately killing the Assassins Creed franchise, which no one wants.

We know Ubisoft aren’t afraid to delay games, they did it recently with Siege so one can only assume the development for Syndicate is going as expected and I think the development team understand that delaying a product is no longer a death sentence for the game in the eyes of the player. The fact that Syndicate is still being slated for an October release is promising from a solid, finished product point of view.

Now that we’ve talked about why Ubi need this to be a good game and they understand the reasons why they can’t repeat the mistakes of Unity, let’s get into some of the new features that long time fans of the franchise are going to really enjoy such as the new transport system and setting of the game.

So the game is set in London, in the 17th century industrial revolution. This is a key point in the game as this was the transition out of the Medieval era into a time where company owners relied on workers to keep making them profits. The over-arching story behind this game is that these workers realise there is more to life that what they are currently experiencing, and so an uprising begins. The setting of a 16-17th century London is one that fans of the franchise have been asking for since way back when we started seeing the games travel to new locations all over the world and they aren’t disappointing from what we’ve seen so far.

With this setting, we also see a new transport system introduced into the game in the form of horse and carriages. This fits with the time period and means we can actually see “car chases” in an Assassins Creed game, even if it is only a horse-drawn carriage. It’s going to mean faster travel around the city and will be a great addition to the game if the physics are done right.

We also see things like darts, throwing knives and daggers come back as well as a grappling hook for quick travel to the rooftops and across buildings and the first gun we have seen not sheathed away in the hidden blade, the revolver. These tools are added on top of your regular tool kit for the game in things like the hidden blade, but we unfortunately lose the sword for lore purposes as if you were walking down the street with a sword sheathed in the 17th century, you’d probably be arrested. The way Ubisoft have cleverly gotten around not having the sword is that the criminal underbelly of the city is know for brawling and fighting. With it being criminals who fight there is often foul play, with people using… hidden blades. All in all, they have done an excellent job in explaining to the player why it makes sense for you to have the tools you are provided with.

Ubisoft looks to have learned a few lessons from their shortcomings with Assassins Creed Unity and look to have driven some effort into making Syndicate the best game it can be. We hope that we will be greeted with a classic Assassins Creed game come October, which will work flawlessly out of the gate. Come on Ubisoft, we know you’re good for it!

What is your opinion on the new Assassins Creed game? Is it too late for the series to win you back after Unity? Or will you pick up Syndicate and give it a go? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  1. Nice article; really like how it touches on several aspects in regard to the Assassins Creed’s concern. Unity didn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth personally, only because of a backlog and other games o was into at the time. So far Black Flag was my favorite; although this London era may very well sell me.

    Ubisoft has always been one of my favorite developers for a lonnnnggg time. I hope they get this next iteration out and with flying smoothness just for the hardcore and newcomers to Assassins Creed series.

    Thanks for the good read!

  2. Syndicate is incredibly lame. Victorian London? Are you serious? Talk about an utter kill-joy. What about ancient Egypt instead? Give us something unique. Any excitement for AC is instantly crushed once you realize its taking place in Victorian London. What makes it so much worse is that it was France last year. A total milk-job in popular gaming locations. The only way you would feel excitement for this year’s game is if you are a fanboy. Straight up embarrassing. A total milk-job with no vision whatsoever. Ubi, give us a reason to want to play AC again. Give us unique locations with ancient or religious history. Not London and France back to back. FFS.

    • God you couldnt of generated more hate for anything as what you did here. You dont know what tbe game is going to be like apart from footave. Why you even bothered to comment your negativity towards britain i dont know, didyou get bullied by a british person or something. Seriously c’mon ive never seen so much hate in one thread and most of all whatever you said isnt a valid arguement, for a start every setting in an assassins creed gane is unique, they come with that setting because they are at a high historical importance to man and had a large impact on how man evolved and struggled against the odds, when times were low, life was tough and people in power abused those without it.. you should deffo pay attention to history before assuming these places and times they took place in arnt unique with unique historical importance.

      • He has a point. AC was all about being in exotic time periods. France and victoria london? Give me a break. I can look outside my window and see a train. Trust me. next years game is in japan. And if not nest years then it’s definitely in 2017. That’s exotic.

  3. I always wanted ubisoft to do one where the heroe was spartacus. Where you were took by the romans sent to die in the collesium, lived and then trained as a gladiator, then break out and destroy rome freeing slaves up and down the country. I pictured that being a game ever since i seen the spartacus tv series and thought an assassins creed would work well with spartacus as the main heroe. It certainly is part of history and i have the book, its very interesting and has many key figures/characters and amazing locations. Converted into a game could make for an amazing multiplayer game to..

  4. Get rid of the fact that evie can go invisible and then we’ll talk.

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