Each of the Big 3 Consoles Most Important Games of 2016

Every system is defined by the exclusives that they bring out, because lets face it without exclusives we have no definitive reason to have competing consoles. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are both consoles that generally are in the same league as far as their games go, both being the primary units to see mutli-platform games launch on them. The Nintendo Wii U really has exclusives and that alone for its library as Nintendo has banked on finding a niche in the console landscape, and that it has. A title that you can only get on one console is, typically, what leads someone to make a purchase when it comes to a system; and because of that, development companies when making consoles use the mentality “my game is bigger, and better, than yours”.

Each console has major releases hitting in 2016 and each have multiples that you could argue are the most important to their overall success. Without these games succeeding it could really hurt the consoles chances of taking the lead in sales for the month and could damage the credibility of the system for a short time. Every console developer hopes to have a game succeed because it generates sequels and with each sequel comes more hype and larger expectations; which in turn, typically, mean more sales. Or if it has already gained enough traction to make a sequel or two, the hope is that it forges a 5th, 6th, and 7th title in the series as well. These are the money makers for each of the big three, and in the next few pages you will see why each of these titles are being labeled as the most important game to their respective console in 2016.

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