With PS4 Announcing Black Ops 3 Console; It’s Easy to See Why Xbox One is Winning Limited Edition Console War

Limited Edition consoles have become the norm, especially this console generation. What really started with the Xbox 360 and some limited designs and colors, is now happening month after month with new games and consoles pairing up to make a one of a kind system. For fan’s of a particular game, or even a series, it is an exciting proposition to get your hands on one of the new consoles of your choice in the spirit of your favorite titles. However, it can be also an interesting sight to see when console developers bring out new versions of their entertainment centerpieces, in terms of what the console developer and game publisher have come up with. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have each been much more active of late, and people that are looking to grab a new console have to choose what all the want in their package, not to mention what the console will look like.

PlayStation, or Sony rather, has just announced their newest version of the PlayStation 4 and newest console design with the Call of Duty Black Ops III Limited Edition Console. There are more to consoles than just aesthetics, but in the case of this looks to do matter, and it is easy to see why in terms of limited edition options Microsoft is winning. However, this isn’t the only way they are doing it. Many factors go in to comparing each companies offerings, and Microsoft is laying the wood in every category.

The first thing that people look for in a new consoles, when choosing a limited option, is that of the looks like we talked about before. There is a reason that you are choosing to buy a console that sets itself apart from the traditional variations. With the Black Ops III version, that Sony just announced, the definitely sets itself apart, but in all the wrong ways. With a gigantic roman numeral three being on the top and the new logos for three different portions of the game are located on the front. Sony’s website describes the system on their website as “This PS4 features the Call of Duty: Black Ops III ember orange logo on a Jet Black chassis, complete with colored power and eject buttons, as well as three emblems on the front each representing a game mode — the SOG Skull signifies campaign, the Winslow Accord faction logo is pulled straight from the game’s fiction, representing one of the factions you play in multiplayer, and “the mark” denotes zombies.”

This is one of just a few options from Sony when it comes to limited console releases. Most notably, the first offering was the solid white console that came out with Destiny which was a huge hit, the newest Destiny: The Taken King option, and the Batman: Arkham Knight option as well. The upcoming Star Wars Battlefront console is a welcomed sight to see as well. Aside from the Batman, Star Wars, and the Destiny all white systems, Sony has been not only reluctant to do more in the United States (acknowledging that other territories have gotten other offerings), but also has yet to offer anything that really is visually appealing. Actually, the Destiny and Black Ops III iterations are quite unappealing.

It isn’t just about the aesthetics either, Sony has also been rather skimpy with extra pack-ins without upping the price. Look at the Destiny: The Taken King option, this is the first console that did not come with a higher price tag because of a game packed in. The Black Ops III option can somewhat, afford to charge its’ price of $449.99 because it is the first of the PS4’s with a 1TB Hard Drive. However, when comparing it to that of the Xbox One options, even that comes across a bit greedy. Putting the Madden Xbox One bundle side-by-side with the Black Ops III bundle you can see the difference. Both coming with a 1TB HDD, a brand new game (yes Black Ops III looks at this point to be a physical copy due to GameStop pushing the hands of console makers to include a physical copy of the games that they include from this point forward), yet Microsoft still throws in a year of EA Access too with the purchase. While it may only cost $30 a year, it is still a huge value with all the games that you have in your backlog at that point.

Not only that, lets look at the Xbox One consoles that have come out, or are coming out. Madden may not have had a special design but it still has an incredible value, the Forza 6 bundle has the custom console includes the game, and also incorporates some amazing sound details into the system as well, Halo 5 will include much of the same as the Forza bundle with custom sounds and a beautiful design (the price is a bit higher on this one but you are also getting the Limited Edition game as well), The Elite Bundle may not have a design, but it does include the console with a Hybrid Solid-State 1TB Drive as well as the Elite Controller that if bought separately (console and controller) would cost you $50 more, and the White Master Chief Collection Bundle/ Sunset Overdrive version. The Advanced Warfare console…that can be thrown under the bus as well for being a jumbled mess.

While there aren’t equal numbers of “custom” looks, there are more so in games and value packed in with the Xbox One’s and more visual punch to the ones that have come or are coming out soon. Microsoft has more reason to pack the value into each bundle, and to make things that look more impressive with their lagging in the sales department behind the competition.  Sony doesn’t have any reason to be worried about the sales it generates, as the traditional option sells just fine, it would just be nice to see Sony and their game development partners put out a console that not only has more value to each package, but the consoles that are being brought out and have a custom look showed a little more effort to be visually appealing as well.

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  1. too bad that world wide sales are won by sony with 2:1 lmao

    • No they aren’t anymore nice to Sony is that desperate to fudge their numbers and yet tho you 6.7 subsc what a joke nice do us a favor and STFU

      • 27 million sold u mad???

    • Turd call himseld Xbox Master because his garbage console has no games where sparness awaits

      • 27 million sold u mad??

  2. So a painted vcr player looks better now? Just… No. Congrats on showing off your fanboyism but this is beyond idiotic. Rewrite this article once Microsoft redesigns the ugliest console in history. You can paint a turd but it is still a turd.

    • I say don’t hold back and tell us how you really feel.

    • Shut that stupid @ss pony $hit up. Yes the VCR looks better. That console is ugly as f$%k and only an idiot would buy it. They are making no effort in their designs but they know weirdos like you will come defending them and pushing this non sense.

      they have had some progressively worst consoles even though I can say i like the glacier white Ps4 the MGSV one is alright the batman one and battlefront ones are show a lack of effort because they look like the affect could be accomplished with a sticker but even as simple as they were they didnt make the console look bad. the Destiny Taken king console falls in that same vein but at least its a nice looking sticker and the white console is at it heart beautiful.

      Oh and the limited edition Ps1 themed Ps4was really cool too.

      With that said if i went to some ones house and saw this COD Ps4 i would know they are a f@ggot a$$ weirdo.

      • That right there is probably why you are lonely.
        I most certainly will not shut my “pony mouth”. The thing, that I bought with my money, is a piece of crap. None of you bully internet attitude will change my opinion and this is not a dictated world so any time you and your master race attitude wants to stop breathing, sure would be better for the world.

      • Another classic Xbitch meltdown.

        • Meltdown?….. i am actually laughing while i type this stuff. I know it makes you feel some kind of way….. because sony supporters are so weird about their PsBOREs.

          Nah… but seriously though thats an ugly a$$ console.

    • Says the fanboy defending that customized console made by a 2 year old STFU turd Garbage station 4 is pure trash and so are you fanboys do yourself a favor and STFU

      • I remember my first time feeling manly in a forum… So dangerous.

    • Pretty much so. Lay off the dust and admit them shits are fuuuugly.

    • During the end of the VCR – they too looked like PS4s.

      Speaking of ‘turds’, how’s Sony lineup doing this holiday?

      You can’t call someone else a fanboy whist making fanboy comments.

      • Going great. See, the beauty of owning both, is because of idiots like you but, since I no longer waste any money on that Xbox 360.5… Or is it -.5 with how crappy games run on it? But, on topic, let’s see, the same line up as last year on the Xbox one correct? Does not sound exciting since I just played them last year, 2012, 2011, 2010… Anything new or exciting since you are trying to brag after a year long drought?

        • Who said I own both? I have no need for Sony so far this gen. This gen is shaping up to be just as bad as their last. Lousy JRPGs and movie games. Both of which I don’t care for.

  3. Inventing wars to get hits and stir up the fanboys is pretty shameless stuff!! TUTTUTTUT Smh

  4. What did I just read?

    You’d think that MS by default should win in this category as they have no choice but to pack in extra things to get someone to buy an X1. The hard fact remains that a plain vanilla PS4 at launch price is still outselling any colorful content packed MS bundle available.

  5. The XB1 LE consoles has better value for money? May I ask how? Don’t get me wrong I like the Forza design and the COD AW one that was released last year. The Halo one looks like a lazy design.

    Here in the UK the Halo console can only be bought from GAME. It costs £399.99. You get a horrible looking console plus a digital download (yes digital not physical) as well as some DLC.

    The Foza console costs £369.99 with a digital copy of the game. I like the console design.

    Call of Duty PS4 console £385 with a physical copy of the game. A decent design as well. Better value than the Halo console. But not a better value than the Forza console.

    Star Wars comes with a really nice designed PS4. A physical copy of the Star Wars Battlefront: Deluxe Edition plus 4 star wars classic games. £384.99 this is better value than both the forza and halo consoles. Also better value than the COD bundle.

    Metal Gear Solid 5 LE console. Comes with a nice design and with a copy of the game. £319 better value than all the other bundles I have mentioned.

    Destiny Taken King LE console. Best looking console out of all the LE consoles this gen. Also comes with Destiny and all the DLC £319.99. Best value right there.

    Batman LE console basic design but still nice. Comes with game £319. Not as good of value than the Destiny and MGS5 console. But still pretty decent.

  6. Now there is a war about what? Jesus the media!

  7. This is just about the worst article I have had the unfortunate luck in reading. The Xbox Fan Boy rages hard all over this article.

    • And dumb ass like you comes to read and cry like a baby

      • You call me dumb yet cannot structure a proper sentence? Good job there, Ace.

  8. I find it quite facetious that now some have stooped to comparing limited edition consoles and their designs (which is entirely subjective, by the way). I guess it goes to show there really is no comparison in any other category, with the ps4 running away with the competition, so now this is all they’re left with. Typical.

    P.S. The Star Wars Battlefront limited editions are going to sell like hotcakes. Like the look of them or not, those are the facts. And the facts are killing some of these folks.

  9. This Black Ops 3 PS4 is ugly, that’s for sure. However the Xbox Ones are just as ugly if not more. I’m not sure why either company can’t make a pretty console. Only one I like is the all White PS4

  10. awful design, Look who designed the Black ops 3 PS4 console


  11. I didn’t know the ugly decals on consoles was a war. I have learned something new today. Anyway, I would put on a little more deodorant. That desperation is starting to reek.

  12. Read two articles from this site and both were terrible. Not coming back to this site ever

  13. This is just sad.

  14. What a JOKE this Article is. MS is winning NOTHING this Gen so far 😀

  15. With this article its pretty clear to see the xbox fanboy desperation has hit an all time low.

  16. I didn’t think they could make the ps4 look bad. I was wrong. I didn’t think they could make the xbox one look good. I was wrong.

  17. The black ops 3 ps4 is amazing looking

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