Blood Bowl 2 Review (Xbox One)

Blood Bowl 2 might be one of the one most unique games I’ve ever reviewed ever since I started reviewing video games in 2012. It also might be one the craziest hybrids of I’ve ever played too. Blood Bowl is a fantasy turn based tactical, anything goes style American Football game with a board game element. Yes it has that many gimmicks and genres which makes it such a crazy yet fun game which I will go in to more detail in this review.

Blood Bowl 2 at first looks like a video game that could take some time to get used to due to the style of gameplay which as previously mentioned is turned based, but it’s surprisingly quite simple. There’s two fantasy style teams with teams like Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Humans being featured, and like American Football the objective is to get the ball to the other side and score touchdowns. You click on your players and move them around the field by choosing which square they move to.

Moving and making plays around the field is were the element of chance takes an effect of the gameplay. Chance can totally change a match in Blood Bowl 2, you choose to run to a square with a 50% of making it but luck is not on your side and you take a fall  or you are tripped up by the opposing side thus losing the ball and giving the opposing side a chance to take possession of the ball. You can throw the ball to another player on your team but again there’s a chance that that your teammate won’t catch the ball and can end up dropping it in a square far away from your team. It’s that element of chance that while random (Falling over when “going for it” with no one near you) really gives the gameplay an unpredictable feeling which managed to keep me interested and surprised.

As I said previously this is a anything goes take on American Football so that means you can attack the other teams players, and knock them out cold which means they can’t be used in the next turn. When you attack another player a dice appears which will decide what will happen, you can push players back, knock them out cold or it could be bad choice as you might get knocked out instead depending on what the dice lands on. The dices along with the single squared spaces really give that feel of playing a board game.

I didn’t have too many issues with Blood Bowl 2, gameplay wise everything was fine. I had no issues, glitches, bugs or problems that effected the gameplay. I did however have an issue with the load times. The load times are most noticeable when loading a new game, I had load times that easily went over a minute long which isn’t good at all for a current gen game. I also didn’t feel like there was enough to do in the game with just a campaign mode which is quite short and then offline/online games. It would have been great if there was more modes and more features to keep me coming back.

The Final Verdict 

Blood Bowl 2 is an interesting game, while I don’t feel there is enough meat on the bones of this game to warrant a full price purchase, it’s certainly worth your time when the price is right. Anyone who likes a tactical game and would like a different take on that genre should definitely give this game a try. As a fan of turn based games and the hilarious take on American Football I found it an enjoyable experience.

+A unique video game with mix of many different features

+Great tactical features

-Not that much to do

-Loading times for games can be quite long


Final Score


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