WWE 2K16 News: Achievement Leak Reveals New Details

WWE 2K16’s Xbox 360 achievements were recently leaked with some new info being revealed including gameplay additions and the modes in the game. Here is the new info found from the leak

  • There is an OMG moment added were you can reverse a Curb Stomp in to an RKO. It’s not known if this can be done with other finisher moves.
  • Stone Cold Vs. The Rock from Wrestlemania 19 is in the Austin Showcase.
  • The Rock will have his 2003 heel attire as an alt attire.
  • Stone Cold Showcase will have bonus matches
  • There are “special objectives” in Stone Cold’s Showcase
  • There are two announce tables in PPV arenas

We’re still waiting for the Xbox One/PS4 achievements/trophies will likely reveal even more info with the exclusive to current gen content like MyCareer.

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  1. It better have The Rock’s 2003 music and entrance as well…best version of his theme, hands down.

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