NBA 2K16 vs. NBA Live 16 Head to Head Review

Measurable #2: Sound

NBA 2K16: NBA 2K16 introduced the studio session before the game that brings Kenny Smith, Shaq, and Ernie Johnson all together to mimic that of what we see on TNT Basketball Broadcasts. Kenny Smith is the newest edition to the team, NBA 2K15 had the other two, but the game did not offer the type of witty commentary that this does. It feels like Shaq is there to take the place of Charles Barkley, and does an admirable job but not quite the same. Once the game hits, the usual suspects take over with the addition of Greg Anthony and the results are the same solid announcing that we have come to expect form the series. The game sounds as close to a real broadcast as any game on the market, the different variations of narration of what is taking place is something of a marvel. The coding that has gone into allowing the game to flow as it does is something to be truly appreciated.

Final GradeA

NBA Live 16: Commentary in NBA Live feels like the other EA Titles that are hollow and empty. Everything that both Berrine and Van Gundy say sounds like it spilled out from the last title as well. Jalen Rose is the same as well, respectable, but nothing to write home about. This is where Live is disappointing because with things such as ESPN in the fold, it is unfortunate that game doesn’t do more with it. They have every opportunity under the sun to truly make this game special, but under the hood it feels week and as if it’s a sports car running on a moped engine. The problem is that even despite their attempts to make the commentary unique and follow a similar path to the competition, it is all repetitive from each game and the even more disheartening part is even when they mention a name the phrases they use could describe anyone in the game…. and they do exactly that.

Final Grade: C-

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  1. Well how the game looks is all that matters anyway, right? 2k is crap.

    • I agree…2k stinks. I haven’t played live…but I am sure that I will never purchase another 2k game in my life.

      • I have 2k15 and chose 2k because EA is terrible and unfortunately have exclusive rights to NFL. I have always liked 2k over EA but Im willing to try Live 16, just dont have a good reason to yet.

      • No. You do not know what basketball is. You have not experienced 2k16 then. Just stop

  2. In the 4th tab (Gameplay), it talks about NBA 2k16, but when compared to Live, it only mentions NBA Live 14 and 15…was this just a foul up? or are you just comparing 2k16 to Live 15? That seems unfair.

  3. The guy probably made a mistake when he did this and thought live 15 or 2k15 was this year’s games

  4. lol, why the eff would anyone listen to a dude who can’t even figure out if he’s comparing 2016 versions or 2015 versions. go back and get your ged dude, then come back and write some reviews, mmkay?

  5. If we are talking straight visual fidelity and the realism of the faces and bodies of the players NBA Live 16 looks loads better. NBA 2K16 looks a little cartoony.

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