Why Fallout 4 Will be Bigger and Better Than Any Fallout Game to Date!

We are on the eve of one of the biggest video game launches in recent history. Fallout 4 is just over a month away from full public release and although it’s not been talked about a huge amount, it will be in pretty much every console owners disk tray at some point. A lot of people are coming into the new Fallout after playing either New Vegas or Fallout 3 expecting more of the same in terms of how the game plays. While this would certainly be acceptable as fans of the series would eat that up, it seems like Bethesda has been using the last 5+ years wisely and are set to deliver something just groundbreaking enough as to not ruin the formula, but to deliver a whole new way to play the game. Here are just a few of the reasons that Fallout 4 is going to be the biggest Fallout to date.

To start with (and with it being on the next-gen you would expect as much) it is running on a heavily updated and upgraded engine. This means that everything from the ambient sounds as you walk the wasteland to the gunfights with raiders to the weather systems in the game are going to be completely re-vamped. This new engine tech will go a long way in helping Bethesda create the right mood for the game. Just imagine yourself walking through the wasteland, listening to the cracking of twigs and the knocking of rocks underfoot when over the horizon you see a nuclear storm in one direction and a gang of raiders fighting off a deathclaw in the other direction. You turn around and see the road you just walked along, tumbleweed and silence. It makes you feel a range of emotions from loneliness to panic. Admittedly these are made up scenarios, but this is exactly the kind of thing developers want you to feel when playing their games.

That was the nerdy tech and engine stuff, now down to the meat of the game. There is a new perk and special system that we don’t know all of the details on yet, so I won’t speculate on them. We’ve also seen things like the ability to create your own power armour and fully customise weapons allowing you to pick a gun (or baseball bat, if that’s your thing) and keep working on it, finding parts to make it better. Speaking of working on it, one of the biggest additions to the game is the ability to create your own settlements for people to come and stay in, while solving problems that may arise within such as raider, bandit and even deathclaw attacks. This will involve going out into the world and salvaging materials you find out there to make houses, armouries and walls to keep people safe.

I really feel like the theme of making the wasteland your own should always be kept in mind when playing this game as everything we’ve seen about this game so far suggests we are going to be thrust into this world, learning to deal with it at first and eventually conquering it, making the wasteland a safe place for all.

Where it excels over the Fallout games that have come before is the amount of content we have been promised. The actual figure for the map size is yet to be confirmed, although we have been told it’s at least twice as large as Skyrim, which was a huge game indeed. Couple that with the incredible amount of dialogue recorded in this game, over 111,000 lines! That’s more than Fallout 3 and Skyrim combined! There is also the fact that Todd Howard, when asked in an interview, said that there was so much content in the game even he (the game director and executive producer over Fallout) hadn’t seen all of it. His job is literally to oversee the production of this game and he hasn’t got round to seeing it all yet!

There are so many solid reasons (and even more hints) as to why this game is going to be emphatically the biggest and best Fallout game we have seen so far. There are things I didn’t even mention in this article like mod support for consoles that are going to be groundbreaking for games on console. As a Fallout junkie myself, I am literally counting down the days until this blockbuster is going to be released and I couldn’t be more excited. Come on Bethesda, I’m expecting big things from you guys!

What are your thoughts on Fallout 4? Do you think we’re going to see a game of the year contender? Let us know in the comments below!

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