Why Halo 5 Must Be A Critical Success, Decent Scores Are Not An Option

The Halo series has always been one of the biggest sellers for Microsoft, and many would argue that the original Halo is pretty much what save the first Xbox. With the fifth installment of the series releasing in just a few weeks, here are 5 reasons why Halo 5 must be a critical success for both the franchise and the Xbox One as a whole.

Split Screen

One of the hallmarks of the Halo series has always been the ability to sit down on a couch with a friend and play through the entire game together via split screen. I personally have many fond memories of my best friend and I attempting to marathon our way through the campaign in a single session on launch day for each new game in the series. We would even go back and play the previous games in the series split screen in preparation for the newest game’s launch. I, like many others out there, was quite disappointed and irritated when this feature was cut.

Now, the game developers have come out and stated that the removal of split screen functionality was necessary in order to provide “the best possible experience” and that the dev’s goals for Halo 5 would need to be compromised by the inclusion of split screen. In order to make justify those statements and mollify angry split screen fans, Microsoft and their devs need to make pretty damn sure that the game is absolutely fantastic as an average or below-average experience would not make up for losing that feature.

Console Wars

Another reason that Microsoft needs to make sure Halo 5 is critically acclaimed and an overall fantastic game experience is because it is no secret that Sony and the PS4 are still winning the console wars this generation. Sure, there have been a few months where Microsoft has managed to come out on top, but the total number of sold PS4 consoles still greatly surpass Xbox One sales. What makes this situation even trickier is the announcement made by Sony that the PS4 has dropped in price, and just in time for the all-important holiday season. Unless Microsoft releases a pretty-much perfectly received exclusive, such as Halo 5, it will be difficult for them to come out on top during the holiday season.


Many Halo fans look back on Bungie’s time as the developer of the series as the best time for the series, with many of those same fans being unconvinced that Microsoft and 343 Industries can deliver the same quality, even after their work on Halo 4. In order for 343 and Microsoft to come out of Bungie’s shadow and prove that they can handle the series, their work on Halo 5 will need to equal or surpass those developed by Bungie, and that will mean that it must be a critical success.

Biggest Games Lineup In Xbox History

One of the things that Microsoft has been throwing around lately is the phrase that they are heading toward the “biggest games lineup in Xbox History.” However, there is not a lot of evidence so far this generation to back that statement up. Now, don’t get me wrong, the releases from both Sony and Microsoft this generation have not been all that amazing, with most of their release schedules being padded by HD remasters, re-releases, and remakes.  Granted, both companies seem to be working hard to rectify that issue, but it has not happened quite yet.

Microsoft can go a long way toward justifying their statement of having the biggest games lineup by delivering a critical success and amazing experience with Halo 5, mostly because more than any other game and franchise, Halo is the Xbox’s flagship title, and has been for every iteration of the console.

Master Chief Collection

Finally, the release of the Master Chief Collection pretty much ensures that Microsoft needs to hit it out of the park with Halo 5 for a variety of reasons. For example, the disastrous launch of the Master Chief Collection when it comes to the multiplayer portion of the games means that Microsoft has a lot of making up to do to its fans in order to repair the damage to their brand.

Another reason that the Master Chief Collection has made the need for Halo 5 to be amazing is because it gave gamers a small taste of what the series can look like on the newest console’s hardware. This has made many fans extremely excited to see what Halo can look like when it is built from the ground up for the Xbox One.

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  1. this article makes zero sense, only to fanboys. Halo :mcc sold more then tons of so called critially acclaimed games, at the end of the day its a business, and if it sells a ton and gets a critic rating of a 80…well its still a success.
    The problem with so called highly rated games is that generally we dont know the budget, nor do we know there internal goals for sales and profits. If you miss your sales and you just break even…but have a insanely high score…well at the end of the day its irrelevant. If you have a decent rating, but you sell 5-10 million(generally a main halo game), then you are successful.
    The person who wrote this has no business background, doesnt understand business, and seems to be wrote from the prospective of a gamer, not a thinker.

    • I dont undertand you guys, when is about the PS4, sales does not matters at all but when it comes to MS then sales matters. Crazy.

  2. A critical success is expected. What this game needs is some commercial success.

    Forza 6, and GEoW all received high praise, but it didn’t seem to impact the sells much.

    • Wrong. Gears released at the END of August and was still the THIRD highest selling game that month. I’m pretty confident that both MCC and Gears have easily outsold Bloodborne which flopped with just 2mil sold.

      • Wrong. I’m positive it didn’t reach MS’ expectations.

        Don’t make this a pissing match. I’m speaking facts here.

        • So am I. Gears was 3rd on the August NPD with 3 days on the market-outselling many multiplats that month. Look it up. As for Bloodborne it’s not really new IP. It’s just Dark Souls DLC and it comes from a well established Japanese developer. Given the hype and the install base it sold poorly. It was heavily marketed and still rejected by over 90% of the PS4 install base. Those are all facts.

          • But we’re not so discussing Sony’s issues so why bring it up?

            The facts are the games for MS score well but do not reflect in sells.

            Those numbers you’re talking aren’t in MS’ league. Especially when their predecessors sold unbelievably.

            Would you call 3M sold for Halo 5 a success?

          • MCC and Gears UE are remasters or remakes and both outsold not only Bloodborne but every other exclusive Sony has released. Also don’t forget that Halo and Gears on 360 released later in the life of the console and sold to bigger install bases. Also it’s a fanboy article so it’s perfectly legit to discuss Sony.

          • TLOU Remaster outsold both combined and it was only a year old. You’re not making sense trying to compare Sony right now. I’m talking MS vs their expectations only.

          • MCC is over 5 mil confirmed just so you know. And you don’t know what MS’s expectations are for one title or another any more than I do. You are imposing your own expectations on MS and then arguing that this game or that game failed to meet them. You conveniently set low expectations for games like Bloodborne and then set impossible ones for MS titles. It’s a nice goal post moving debate tactic but it’s kinda transparent really.

          • Proof? Stop with the talking and provide a link to proof. I call your bluff.

            If not we can end this.

          • I’m still looking for proof. This is one article that is someone’s opinion. I need facts supported by MS. Not some random blogger guessing. For Christ’s sake it’s not even clear how many systems have been sold, let alone any solid info on the sells of Halo MCC.

            Try harder next time.

            The first link was a fact. That 5 Million one is just talk from a blogger. Sort of what you are going here.

          • It’s confirmed that Halo had reached 60 mil units prior to the release of MCC. Look it up. No other Halo game launched between the 60mil and 65 mil milestones besides MCC and Spartan Assault and we both know which game accounted for that 5mil unit boost. Spartan Assault probably sold less than 50k if that. You’re reaching. And badly.

          • That’s one big assumption that the older versions in the 360 ceased selling copies all together.

            You proved my point that it is one big assumption. Had that game sold that many copies Phil Spencer would have been more than pleased to announce that as such. Stop the madness my dude.

      • On top of that Bloodborne had zero expectations because it was a new IP. Not an established heavy hitter.

      • A flop? a new IP in a genre that is the complete oposite of mainstream?
        And how did it fare with reviews? ah yes, it surpassed EVERY single exclusive the XBONE has by at least 4 points. LOL
        I prefer to get a game that is higher quality than one that is more popular.

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