Have Gamers Lost Their Trust in Developers?

Over the past 5 years gaming has begun to feel a little more corporate. It’s understandable, gaming has become one of, if not the biggest entertainment sectors recently and with it becoming more mainstream, there’s a lot more cash flowing through it. There can be issues relating to becoming a mainstream hobby that negatively affect gamers, however. Today I want to discuss whether or not after recent shortcomings and instability in the industry, gamers are starting to lose trust in developers and publishers.

I’ll start off by saying sometimes it can be really good for a hobby to become mainstream, especially one where there is competition and capitalism. It breeds good games a lot of the time! These developers know that there is a large portion of their audience that can only afford one or two games a year. They need to make sure they make a product that these fans are excited about and in turn makes them want to buy the DLC’s and next instalment.

But a lot of the time it breeds shady, underhanded ways for developers to make more out of less. There are an increasing amount of microtransactions, games released buggy awaiting patches and games where content is stripped out before launch and sold to us as expansions. It didn’t seem to happen like this before, but increases in the amount of people who play said games leading to the need for bigger teams combined with the cost of inflation sometimes makes techniques like this almost a necessity for developers.

I’m not saying I support it and to a certain extent, there are a few developers who I have lost faith in due to recent events but I can understand the need to turn a profit on a game and keep the people who make these great experiences in employment, feeding their families.

The topic of this article is a question for you guys in itself. Are you losing trust in game developers? Or do you see the reasons why things like microtransactions and season passes will continue and support it? Let us know!

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  1. As for losing trust in any developersā€¦ I had a few gripes, but nothing that has out right made me boycott any in particular. There have definitely been some practices and questionable practices in the gaming industry which have raised my brow here and thereā€¦

    As for season passes & micro transactions, I’ll support either, but only under certain circumstances:

    1-The micro transactions don’t limit the gameplay or seemed required for entire fulfillment of the game; they should be an addition to an already fulfilling game.

    2-Season Passes have worth and plenty of content in relation to the cost of the pass.

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