Why We Feel Fallout 4 Will Live Up To The Hype


This November we’ll be seeing the latest installment to the Fallout series, and it’s expected to be so successful that we’ve even discussed it as a Game of the Year contender on this site. Many believe that this Fallout will stand above the rest, and we believe Fallout will live up to those expectations.

Looking at all the previous installments of Fallout, most people find that with each new installment we see a progression in the overall quality of gaming. Because of this, we can trust Bethesda to continue that reputation of making each installment in the series better as it goes on. Bethesda does a great job at keeping this series up to date with this generation’s consoles.

Bethesda not only has a reputation of making Fallout better with each new installment, but also with other games that build up a lot of hype before their release. Look at Skyrim, for example. The game built up a lot of hype, and according to the fanbase, that game really lived up to the expectations of the public. We can look at Fallout in the same scenario. That trailer we were given at E3 caused the internet to go nuts, and because of Bethesda’s reputation, we can expect the game to have the great quality that we expect in this generation.

Speaking of this generation, the graphics look absolutely stunning on this generation’s consoles. Bethesda is taking full advantage of the capability of the platforms it will be released on, and will push them to their limits. This leads us to believe that we will see an even bigger and better version of Fallout than we have ever seen.

Bethesda is sure to pull through with this game. They wouldn’t let all of this hype build up just to let it fall flat in the end. The team has much more talent than that, and they have proved this through previous installments of Fallout and in other games made by them. I hope you’re all as excited as we are, because Fallout 4 will be coming full force at us November 10th, and we can expect a lot from this extraordinary franchise next month.

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