How Will Fallout 4 Stand Out From Other Big RPG’s of This Year?

Fallout 4 has some big boots to fill this year. It sounds silly, but with a decent number of RPG’s and looter games being released this year, Fallout has really got to stand out from the crowd. We know it’s going to be a blockbuster game but will it do enough to knock off the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Bloodborne or more recently, Destiny: The Taken King? Let’s look at why I think Fallout will surpass these huge titles and take the crown of RPG of the year for 2015.

I’ll start with comparisons to each game. I think although Bloodborne gained some huge mainstream following it really needs to be multi-platform for it to take off. We’ve seen this before with games like Halo or God of War which were huge games in their own right, deserving a huge chunk of awards, but only half of the gaming population were able to experience these games with them being available only on their respective consoles.

Destiny: The Taken King improved a huge amount on the rather lacking first year of the game and while a lot of fans came back to try it out again, there are quite a few fans who were soured by the initial launch of the game, with not a lot to do, repetitive missions and frankly rather dull loot grinding. As I’ve said, a lot of these issues are now fixed and the game expanded, but some gamers won’t be quick to jump back into Destiny.

Finally, the one RPG that I think can hold up to what we expect Fallout 4 to be is the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The ambience of this game was incredible, it works on all consoles, there are free DLC packs released periodically and they have timed the release of their first paid DLC perfectly just before the release of Fallout 4 which is also pretty cheap, coming in at about $10. So of all of these games, I’d say the Witcher is the one to beat.

But with that said, Fallout has developed a huge audience over the last 8 years or so with a lot of die hard first person shooter fans being able to pick up the game with little hindrance. There’s no need for them to learn another skill or fighting style unless they want to and the game is as forgiving or as challenging as you want to make it. Fallout will differentiate itself from these games given the amount of things you will be able to do within the world from building your own settlements to modifying your weapons and power armour.

A combination of everything I’ve said above, mixed with the hype machine that Bethesda have got growing since their release trailer before E3 earlier this year means that Fallout 4 will sell incredibly well and will take the title of RPG of the year for me.

Let us know what your favourite RPG has been this year, and whether Fallout 4’s gonna beat it?


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