Why Rise Of The Tomb Raider Will Still Do Great Even With Fallout 4 As Competition

This fall is already proving to be a great time for games. We’re on the eve of the Halo 5 release, we’ve seen Assassins Creed: Syndicate this past week and a little into next month we see two absolutely fantastic games release on the same day for a blockbuster clash. Many are predicting Fallout 4 to not only win “Game of the Year”, but also just about every other award on offer as well as being the best game to release thus far for this generation of consoles. But don’t discredit Rise of the Tomb raider just yet. We’ve got a couple of reasons that this game is definitely going to be strong enough to release alongside Fallout 4.

To start with, the cult following of both titles is pretty strong. Fallout has a big following within the first person role playing shooter genre, but Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft has a pretty substantial following of her own. The Tomb Raider games have been a mainstay of the gaming industry for almost 20 years now. That’s a hell of a long time to pick up a fanbase that have lost touch with modern day gaming, but are really interested in the new movies or games from the Lara Croft saga.

There are also going to be a lot of people with enough money to buy both games. It’s not going to break the bank for a lot of people and while Fallout 4 seems like it’s going to be the must have game for this generation, Tomb Raider have been continuously innovating and fans of the series are always ready to pick up the new game. Just to name a few new features we have a dynamic day and night cycle, ever changing weather systems, improved climbing mechanics and avalanches and snowstorms. All of these features are made possible by the power of these next gen systems and this is the first true Tomb Raider for this generation.

Now don’t get me wrong, as I said before I don’t think Tomb Raider will “compete” with Fallout 4. I think that Fallout 4’s sales will blow it out of the water in fact, but that doesn’t give us a reason to discredit the incredible amount of hard work put into the title and we’re hoping that even though it is competing with the likes of Fallout 4, it’ll still sell well and be a solid buy this fall.

What do you guys think? Will Rise of the Tomb Raider be a worthy adversary? Or will Fallout 4 completely eclipse it?

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  1. microsoft are purposely hiding the sales numbers of xbox1, so we probably won’t hear what the TR did sales wise! and yes, fallout 4 will affect sales of TR..

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