The Year Ahead: So That’s Where All the PlayStation 4 Exclusives Are

I must confess.

I have grown up with almost exclusively Nintendo and Microsoft consoles.

But man, am I happy I have a roommate with a PlayStation 4.

It is truly amazing what a good head start can do for console sales. Ever since Microsoft and Sony ventured into this new world of “next gen,” Sony has done and said everything right and made the PlayStation 4 a truly wonderful place for gamers.

While the end of this year was a bit dry in the exclusives department for the Japanese-juggernaut, the company has partnered with the right companies for marketing, such as Activision for Call of Duty: Black Ops III and EA for Battlefront and told gamers not to worry.

2016 is just around the corner.

Here are (some) of the games that are going to turn heads for PlayStation gamers this coming year:

No Man’s Sky

It is truly amazing what is considered an indie game these days. While it isn’t technically “exclusive” to Sony, this game deserves a spot on the list of the most anticipated games of next year period. This is the game kids dreamed of as third graders. This is a game that lets players travel through space in their own ship and allows them play how they want and enables them to actually become explorers through the use of the procedurally-generated universe. People are going to see and claim worlds that others are never going to experience for themselves and that concept is absolutely mind-blowing. It also doesn’t hurt that the stylized visuals are simply gorgeous and the gameplay looks fun. There is only one question with this game and that is can Hello Games pull of this herculean task? Creating this type of universe is a massive undertaking, even for a Triple-A developer, let alone an “indie” studio. But if Sean Murray and the rest of his crew are up for the task, they will have pulled off one of the greatest accomplishments in gaming history.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

We live in a golden age of gaming where most big games look very pretty, but damn, Horizon: Zero Dawn looks stunning. This gorgeous game turned heads at this year’s E3, not only for its looks but how interesting of a concept it was. There aren’t too many cavemen v. robot games out there (is there?). Even more striking is the drastic change of pace for Guerilla Games, widely-known for their work on the Killzone series, in that they are now making a solely single player, action-RPG. What isn’t a change is Guerilla’s ability to make good games, and Horizon looks to continue in that vain. From what has been shown, the combat with giant, mechanized monsters looks to be as intense as it is blissfully entertaining and the world building the developer has shown already looks very intriguing. Unfortunately, this is a game that could easily be pushed to 2017, but here’s hoping gamers will be on the hunt this time next year.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Speaking of absurdly beautiful games, does anyone hear that? That is the sound of PS4’s flying off the shelf this March when Nathan Drake’s story finally comes to an end. There are some though that are worried how the story will shape up as Uncharted series visionary Amy Henig left for Visceral games and EA. Fortunately though, after Sony pulled back the curtains during PlayStation Experience in 2014, fans lost their collective minds at what they were seeing. In both demos shown (the latter at E3 2015), fans were treated to not only the top-notch visuals they have come to expect from developer Naughty Dog, but also stunning animations that make Drake and rest of the world seem that much more realistic. Combine that with even more fine-tuning of the gameplay and multiplayer and (hopefully) the strong conclusion of the beloved franchise and Sony could regain any momentum taken from them when the game drops on March 18.

Sony knows that it had a misstep when it comes to the holiday season of 2015, but their message is clear.

“Hang on PlayStation players. Just be patient a little longer, the floodgates are about to reopen.”

On top of previously listed titles, games such as Street Fighter 5, The Last Guardian, and Ratchet and Clank will make gamers giddy for almost the entirety of coming year.


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  1. The Last Guardian?


    • Hey Orko,

      Thanks for the comment and the read. The reason I left some games off the list is because I felt as though these games were some of the best the PS4 has to offer next year in what limited space I had. Honestly, I’m not quite sold on The Last Guardian yet but Rime looks visually incredible and I can see the potential for both games. All and all, it’s a good time to be a gamer.

      • What do you mean limited space? it’s only a few KB of text!

        But I can see how The Last Guardian or Rime may seem less certain, I for one would like some kind of combat in Rime, which it apparently does not have at all 🙁

  2. lol

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