Why We Are Hyped for Rainbow Six Siege!

Why We Are Hyped for Rainbow Six Siege

We are hyped for Rainbow Six Siege for many reasons which I will list below. Siege comes with many new things to the franchise such as wall breaching and the operators such as Twitch and many more.
Siege is action packed with destruction all around the maps and will be really fun to experience.

Some of the reasons we are hyped for Siege is simply because Terrorist Hunt is back and is better than ever having you vs a spawn of enemies either by yourself or with a team trying to take on the terrorists by attacking their base or defending against them. One reason I’m really excited for Rainbow Six Siege is to test out each operator and get a feel of each of them. Each operator will serve its purpose towards the game such as a hammer for breaching walls, a remote controlled roller which can electrocute your enemies for a short time, sense a heartbeat nearby. Each operator during a match with your team can be use once and not twice by another one of your teammates.

Rainbow Six is based off a 5 v 5 while you and the enemy team take turns attacking and defending the base/objective. Siege will differ slightly because of the new operators simply because each operator has a specific skill set and cannot gain anymore ammo or nades of such during the round which makes all that very valuable. Also once you die, sorry to say but you’ll be dead for the round. Siege is a lot like Vegas 1 & 2 but with even more stuff to destroy such as walls, floors, doors, and experience a new style of play with different guns, gadgets, and operators.

Unfortunately if you’re a story mode based guy siege won’t have that. The visuals during the beta weren’t too great but it will do for the game. Release date has been delayed to Dec. 1st, 2015 so we’ll have to wait another month for the game to release.

During the beta of RB6 Siege which I got a chance to play the game was okay because of the different operators it let you test out, even Terrorist Hunt it let you play with friends or alone and it was pretty exciting but due to the fact that it was a beta you wouldn’t expect much but it was pretty good and it got me even more pumped up for release date of RB6 Siege

I really think Rainbow Six Siege could be a contender for FPS Game of The Year going up against the traditional COD: BO3 simply because of its old school, modern, shoot around. Another reason I believe so is because it brings more diversity with woman being in the game as operators and can’t wait for the release to play it.

My final prediction of the game would be the game could possibly be great due to the players coming in or it can’t simply because of the story based component which most people would have loved including me.

Are you hyped for Rainbow Six Siege? Do you agree with our points made in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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