Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Already Having Major Issues

Backwards compatibility has gone live, but the launch has been less than smooth. For some it’s gone all wrong. There has been reports that some users have digital Xbox 360 games that aren’t showing up in the ready to install section of the Xbox One while some are showing up. For other users not a single digital title is showing up.

The same issue seems to be happening with disc based games with an error message popping up after inserting the Xbox 360 disc. The error message says “This game is not playable here” followed by another line of text letting you know a full list of Xbox 360 games that are playable on Xbox One can be found at a certain link.

How’s backwards compatablity working for you? Is your games showing up or not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. They Just do a Hard Reset, they are good, and Make sure your using the GT you bought items on on 360.

  2. It works for me on disc based Mass Effect 🙂

  3. If you are signed into your account and haven’t logged out since this came online,you will not be to see them. Sign out and sign back in again.

  4. Was expecting all the Gears of war to appear on mine but they aren’t out until december!!

  5. Works for me fine, still waiting for black ops 2 and maybe the old tomb raider games

  6. I own fable 2 on 360 but not showing up on my XB1, all the other games I own that are on the list show up. Any suggestions?

    • If you have no digital license of the game of course it doesn’t show up. You have to put in the disk to activate BC for the game!

      • I should have included I own the digital copy of fable 2 on the 360, and not showing up on the XB1

    • the work-around that i use is this….
      On your 360 …goto download history and re download (Add them to the Que).
      then sign into your X1…this forces them to show. (80% success rate)
      You can also do this from , by going to the game you own and click on download to 360

      • I will try that when I get home tonight, thankyou

  7. All good for me so far, played gears 1 and 2, only thing (and it’s minor), since update I cant hide games anymore, i.e., a Forza Horizon 2 demo, GOW beta, and Smite beta, don’t want to see them in my list. Had them hidden before, but now I cant find option to hide them again.

  8. I’ve not got a single game disc to work – tried all the Gears originals but nada…

  9. gears 3 barley workes for me. The game is delayed and laggy.

  10. gears 3 dnt work

  11. I got the goty editions for both fallout 3 and borderlands but none of my dlc is showing up the fallout 3 installed from the disc and the borderlands just wont install the dlc disc

    • Press the start(menu)button on the game tile and select manage game. The dlc might show up there.

  12. It doesn’t let me send voice messages anymore. On top of that, my fallout 3 isn’t recognized. Was working fine, I come back couple hours later, it doesn’t work at all.

  13. My biggest issue is frame rate lag with the larger games, that and mass effect 1 just crashed my whole console, it wasn’t built to handle a system within a system. The software is very fast, menu and heads up displays work fine as well as snapping but the games themselves have some bugs to work out. If they ever plan in bringing in the larger and later games like black ops and the later mass effects, dragon age and the like, then they better work on smoother frames and much faster rendering times, that’s not down to the engine that’s down to the emulator itself.

  14. games wont save on xbox one

  15. Tried 3 games (disc) on the list. They did not work. All showed same error message of Not playable.

    • Did you find a solution? This is myfirst tone trying a backwards compatible game and I’m having this issue

  16. It shows up but when I click insall it immediately says. Instilation stopped than says sign in to xbox live. So I sign in it says I need an update then if i say no i go through the whole process again. If I say yes it says 0% installing forever

  17. fable 2 not working have no 360 anymore?? anyone help

  18. I cant get any games in ready to install section

  19. I have Lego star wars LCS downloaded and i installed it onto my xbone one it shows up in my library but when i click on it to play it says sorry we couldn’t start it..

  20. Just got an xbone, none of the digital 360 games work like kameo and perfect dark zero. They won’t sync my gamercard when i launch them and I’m asked to download
    my profile. When i try to do that it says cant connect to xbox live despite having a perfect open nat solid connection with zero packets lost. Customer support couldnt figure it out either, hope someone finds a solution online and posts it cause i have dozens of games i cant play because of it.

  21. When I go to download a game, for example saints row, because it is free, it says ‘sorry your account is unable to make this type of purchase on Please complete this transaction from your xbox’ how do I fix this ?

  22. Got the disk of Fable 2. Doesn’t show up. Tried logging in and out, tried hard restarting it. Not sure what else I can do. Help, please? Have been really wanting to play this game again after we got rid of our xbox 360.

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