Could Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Create A Major Resurgence In Xbox 360 Game Sales?

It’s been a long tradition for many people who jump from one generation console to another to sell their previous gen console. Me personally, I always keep my old consoles and games because I know one day I would like to replay all those amazing games. Many however can’t do that for reasons like funding their new console purchase or knowing they won’t play that console enough to justify keeping the console.

Although many sell their previous generation consoles they do also get itches to play those classic games once again, but without their old consoles it was impossible until the new update which will bring backwards compatibility to the Xbox One.

There’s going to be many reasons why sales of Xbox 360 games are going to spike, like the most obvious one being that many of the Xbox One owners do not own their Xbox 360 games no longer. If they now see one of their favorite Xbox 360 games on the list of backwards compatible games they are going to re-buy that game just so they can be play it once again. There’s also going to select Xbox One owners who never owned an Xbox 360 so they can now play classic Xbox 360 games they never got the chance to play like the Gears Of War series for example.

There’s even talk that something like this could cause stock shortages and reprints could actually be called for certain Xbox 360 games due to demand. Games like Call Of Duty which were surprisingly never remastered are on the top of the lists for most demanded Xbox 360 games to be backwards compatible. A game like Call Of Duty, especially older ones would have to be reprinted with this kind of demand.

This is a great investment for Microsoft as well as the publishers allowing their games to be backwards compatible as it seems that Xbox 360 game sales will increase both physically and digitally. This means both Microsoft and the publishers will get some extra profits and fans will be able to once again enjoy their beloved Xbox 360 games.

What do you guys think? Will backwards compatibility cause a major resurgence for Xbox 360 games? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Absolutely, however it’ll be GameStop that benefits. Used games are the obvious choice.

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