Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection 1.02 Update Is Live

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection 2nd update has gone live, and includes the following fixes.

  • Adjusted trophy requirements
  • Adjusted forward movement sensitivity
  • Improvements to package installation
  • Various visual improvements
  • Stability improvements
  • Updated credits

The patch wasn’t a small one as it came in over 1GB in download size for these fixes. So if you own the game download the update right now, and see if you can notice the new fixes made to Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

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  1. Thx! Bout to queue up download now and was already looking forward to playing tonight!

  2. What specific trophy requirements have been adjusted? And exactly how have they been adjusted? I want to know before installing the patch in case they made some changes that make things more difficult/tiresome than they already are.

    • But what if they made them easier?

      • Unlikely… given that there were some simple ways to help make Difficulty less of a hassle for acquiring the CHARTED trophies.

        • Whats Charted? Are you mentally retarded, you know that trophies don’t do anything for you in real life right I mean boo hoo they might have removed ways to cheat…..Idiot

          • Hahaha… “mentally retarded,” eh? Classy. Sounds like you have bigger problems than I find enjoyment from acquiring trophies. I fully realize and understand the nature of trophies and what type of meaning they bring to my life (not much beyond my personal enjoyment, admittedly). I acknowledge that it is just a source of entertainment for me. And, I didn’t say anything about cheating myself. I’m just using that example as a basis to show that it is more likely that they manipulated the trophy requirements in a way that would make them more difficult than they already are.

            You obviously read far more into my comments about my emotional disposition on the subject than there is in actual fact. Take a chill pill, take a step back from the keyboard, take 10 long deep breaths, and just relax.

            I’m not bent out of shape about the situation. Nor should you be bent out of shape about an example that I provided to make a point in response to someone elses comment.

            So… have yourself a great flippin’ day, pal! =;-)

          • Dude, why don’t you chill the f’ck out and you stop acting mentally retarded. There is othing wrong with him legitimately wanting to get his trophies easily. Rather than have to struggle further

  3. This was rushed so that Sony could have an exclusive for holiday 2015!

    • Dont you have some super amazing Halo 5 to play, I mean its so amazing you should have better things to do with your time right? Hows that Tomb Raider exclusivity working out…..Rushed my ass anything that gets tweaked has been minor or did you miss all those 9s and 10s it got, funny that a remastered collection has a higher score average than super amazing Halo 5

      • Playing as i type. So what now, you gonna slit your wrist?

      • That`s why Yoshi’s Wooly World was listed one place before the Drake Collection in last month US-sales. Collections are already known.
        Buy a Nintendo – grow up!

        • No thanks i fucking hate Nintendo for the most part.Censorship is something i don’t want in my games.

        • I’ll take UC over some stupid kiddy Yoshi Wooly World anyday. Grow up kid. You’re pathetic!

          • I’ll be fourty next year – playing since pong.
            1000 Games at home – 100 consoles.
            So what are you talking about Sir?
            You seem like those PSX-Kids, having trouble with reality…

      • You sound like an upset 10 year old! LOL

    • How was this collection rushed dipshit? The game unpatched is actually fine and runs better than 99% of other titles.If improvements can be made then i am all for it.Look at Halo MCC Halo 4 got a bump in performance because it was rushed as fuck and needed a performance patch.

      • You seem too asshole, why?

        • I might be late to the party.

          but did you know that 80% of the PS4 owners never played Uncharted?

          Naughty Dogs say so.

    • Halo 5 must have been rushed too just to have something to not get crushed by Sony this Holiday season since its got updates too. What a retard!

      • No, your mom is the retard for not swallowing you!

      • And you also sound mad that someone said a negative comment about old games on your plastic of choice, why is that?

  4. How, I’ve rarely read and seen so much hate, on the comments section. No wonder there are people blowing themselves with bombs, when people react this way because of a godamn game update.

    Just to let you know, on last uncharted 3, naughty dog made it in a way people who only play the single player campaign BUT wanted to get the platinum trophy, well… they still needed to do some shit online, like joining or winning a game, etc.

    THIS only TO MAKE PEOPLE use their online pass, so in case they sell the game, the buyer , if he wants to go online, will need to buy an online pass.

    And because there is no multi-player on the uncharted collection, guys like me, who don’t play online, might finally be able to get a platinum trophy !

    Worse, on uncharted 3, if we wanted to check which options and features the multi-player menu has… well… one needed to use the online pass… to enable the menu!

    Crazy, huh?

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