Why Sony Deserve A Lot of Credit for Improving the Visuals of Their Games Post Release!

It’s quite interesting to think about, honestly. The fact that Sony push their developers to make the user experience better for no additional cost to the user and a fair amount of work on their back end. It’s great to see that we’re not yet in the dark ages of video games where every single update, from DLC right down to bug fixes require a fee. Sony have no need to do this, they get nothing back from it but the thanks from the people who play for making their game look a fair bit smoother, even after the money has changed hands and the game is launched.

A couple of games that have been given a face-lift after their release into the gamers hands include, but are not limited to the Uncharted Collection and Driveclub, with the latter having been available to the public for about a year now! There is no incentive for them to change anything about these games really, they’ve already reached their audiences and people probably won’t consider buying it just cause it looks slightly better now but it might bring people back to the game and might even help to sell future instalments of the series. It’s not out of the realms of possibility that Naughty Dog found some inefficiencies, fixed them and in doing so brought their name back into the limelight with Uncharted 4 only a few months away.

A game developer I would like to see also do this would be Bethesda with their recently released, Fallout 4. The graphics are perfectly fine with me, the game looks great. But there is always room for improvement and graphical enhancements don’t just come in the form of upping the resolution. Ironing out bugs in Fallout’s engine and ensuring that the game runs at 30 frames per second consistently (on console) would be a huge change that the fans would really love.

It’s a great service to dedicated fans of the game to turn on their system and notice that their game looks considerably better and it’s a small way that developers can restore some much needed trust from the people who love and buy their games, supporting them whatever happens. We love games and anything that improves our experience is a bonus that cannot be underestimated.

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  1. Such a shit article, with no subtance to your claim. Whats games have they done this with? and what improvements have been made?

    This is utter rubbish

  2. You’re joking right?
    Games were meant to be polished at release – customers deserve a finished product for their money. Now they patch broken shit from the past gigabyte-wise and you’re crying hurray? Very amusing…

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