Why The 3DS Will Always Be The Best Handheld Console

SinceĀ its debut, the 3DS has been the best-selling handheld console of all time. Today, this still holds true, as the New Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 3DS are both still high in sales. Nintendo seems to be messing a lot of things up lately for their sales in terms of looking at how the Wii U is going with its sales and how well Nintendo is listening to their fan base, but one thing Nintendo has always been solid with is creating a great handheld console.

Other handheld consoles such as the PlayStation Portable and the Sony Vita are simply no match for the 3DS. The PSP refers more to last generation since we have not seen a new version since 2008 with the PSP-3000, but even in those times, the Nintendo DS still thrived way above the PSP. Sony’s PSP generations could not keep up with Nintendo’s innovations like the dual-screen, touch screen, and games released that work perfectly for the handheld console.

History tends to repeat itself, and we see this with the current generation as well. The PS Vita was a failure compared to how well the Nintendo 3DS thrived. Again, Nintendo was one step ahead of Sony by implementing 3D technology. Now, with the New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo is even farther ahead of Sony because the 3D has been cleaned up a lot.

If Microsoft had joined in creating handheld consoles, it probably would not have worked in their favor. It essentially would have been a waste, because Microsoft would have ended up just like Sony – low in sales. What I love about Nintendo is their originality, and with handheld consoles, the public apparently is well accepting of that originality. Nintendo seems to fall flat with their home consoles, but their marketing of handheld consoles is very well-played with DLC and re-makes. Sony and Microsoft might be in a battle for the top home console, but Nintendo will always be the king of handheld consoles because of its originality and how it’s always one step ahead of other handheld consoles.

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