Upscaling and Updating PS2 Games is not the Answer to Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility

We’ve not too long ago seen the roll out of the first 100 backwards compatible titles from the Xbox 360 moving onto the Xbox One. It’s only a small step and while there weren’t all of the games we’d hoped for it’s great that we’re being given the opportunity to play these games that we have previously owned, once again. For a while, Sony have been trying to push their own backwards compatibility program with a lot less success than Microsoft. The short version is that you would pay a fairly ludicrous price to stream games mainly from the Playstation 1. With Microsoft’s announcement of backwards compatibility, Sony had to act and they have done so by skipping a generation in favour of bringing back upscaled and updated Playstation 2 titles.

The Playstation 2 was a great system. Almost everyone reading this will have had some of their greatest experiences with a PS2 controller in their hand, it really was the start of the golden age for 3D gaming. But that’s exactly what it was, the start. Technology advances quickly with gaming tech almost at the spearhead of that. There’s a reason we don’t still have widespread PS2 games about and that’s because the games are so broad and complex nowadays that there is simply no way a system in the scope of the Playstation 2 could handle it. The only way Playstation 2 games would come even close to being worth putting onto the new system is if developers were going to take the time to completely re-craft and redesign the whole experience, not just touching the graphics up a little.

On top of the fact that the games from 2 generations previous would look out of place on these newer systems, we also have the fact that this doesn’t solve any of Sony’s problems. The reason these games are being brought forward is to combat Microsoft’s extremely popular Backwards Compatibility service. The reason that Microsoft’s service is such a console seller is because we are just coming out of the last generation with many games arguably still looking decent enough on those older systems.

What it comes down to is that people don’t want to play Resident Evil 4 or GTA III or DMC 3, they want to play Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout, Heavy Rain, all of the Call of Duty games from last gen. Going back and playing older titles only really works if the games graphics are good enough that they don’t look too out of place with modern games and if the stories and worlds are developed to a broad enough scale that there is quite a bit for people to go back and do. Nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake doesn’t work and I think it’s time someone told Sony that.

As a final note, the structure behind it is a joke, quite frankly. $15/£12 for a PS2 game is outrageous. Now you might be saying to yourself “A ha! I already own X Playstation 2 game, so I’m all sorted!”. You’d be wrong, discs will not work with this system, you have to download it directly for the price specified. Good job Sony! I’ll just be over here, enjoying my 9th playthrough of Fallout 3 (which I got for free because I already owned it).

What do you guys think of this system? Will you be happy to see some classics return, or will you be giving this whole situation a miss? Let us know down in the comments!

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  1. Who gives a crap about what Xbox is doing? It is redundant. Like a hobo on the street as PS4 passes in his chauffeured Bentley.

    • XBox > PlayStation.
      By a long shot, better titles to start.
      Forza > Grand Trismo.

      • i was on the fence in 2013 until i saw Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, Metal Gear Solid 5, and more former Sony exclusive titles become Multiplatform.
        Plus Quantum Break…. that game is the MUST OWN most fascinating game i’ve seen since Mass Effect.

      • When this generation is over no-one will remember xbox as a brand and people will use Playstation as the word for console just like the good old days. Xbox is a footnote in console gaming, nothing to be concerned about with dead franchises that no longer sell, like Halo 5 the lowest selling in the franchises history. Angry Joe gave it a 5, so you know it’s really bad. More people bought DriveClub than Forza Horizon and 6 put together.
        Also it is a factual statement when I say Playstation 4 has more exclusives than X1, they also have a higher average metacritic score when calculated together.

        • Not at all.

    • Well considering Xbox is doing backwards compatability with the last generation for free to owners of the games… and Ps4 is offering Ps2 games for download, i’d say Alot of people care what Xbox is doing going by how positive a response Xbox has gotten (And sales prove it). but of course, just not fanbois like yourself.

      • OK, Thursday night we will see if it has done anything for them to win Black Friday in the US and the month of November. We already know they didn’t win in the UK. Also 360 is one generation back not two (PS2) and BC on X1 gives worse performance not improved like the emulation on PS4 with better resolution, fps, anti aliasing and trophy support.

        I’ll be back here on Thursday after NPD releases.

        • Who “won” black Friday? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard today.
          And I’ve played through Mirror’s Edge and currently halfway through Mass Effect on the X1 using backwards compatibility and it certainly looks better then on the 360. I quickly jumped over to Google to read a couple pages on the matter and the general consensus since BC came out of beta was that all the games perform on par or much better then on the 360… So quit spreading false information to further your bias. You like Ps4… Good for you great system. Are you so insecure you gotta bash the competitor at every turn?

        • Here let me save you some time. Early North America console sales for the week of November 28th…
          Xbox One 830,491
          Playstation 4 740,873

          • Taken from VGChartz, I am a forum member there and see these numbers everyday, I know who is doing the numbers now and these are not official. Everyone expects Sony to win BF and November, not just the PS fans.

          • Well…

          • Christ…. it is tonight, just a few hours away. Great sign by the way, did you make that yourself or just copy and paste!? Good to see those pre-school skills are still being put to good use.

          • Hey, so! Who was right!?

          • Hey, hey! Who won November? Who won BF? Who will win December? LOL

  2. Yeah i’m sorry, i would have instantly purchased a Ps4 if they announced Ps3 backwards compatibility. I never owned a Ps3, and there are tons of great exclusives i would love to play (MGS4 for example.) and if they could make these games playable for Ps4, i’d be sold. but Ps2 games available to buy? that’s not backwards compatibility. that’s them adding some digital Ps2 titles to the Sony Store.

    Sorry, it’ll remain Xbox only for me. At least until Ps4 goes under 200 bucks and has tons of greatest hits titles on it.

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