Why Fallout 4 Did Not Win Game Of The Year For 2015

Fallout 4 was released relatively late this year, it came out on November 10th, 2015. That was very late for a game to be considered Game Of The Year. Although the fan base is humongous and people all around tend to enjoy the game for hours on end. Some gamers who haven’t liked the series in recent years are actually enjoying the 4th installment thanks to all of the new features, beautiful graphics, and interesting storyline. I am one of these people because I somewhat enjoyed Fallout 3 and the great DLC but it didn’t interest me that much. The 4th one is a lot better and intrigues me more than the previous entries.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt received the Game Of The Year award last week at the Official Game Awards. This surprised tons of gamers alike and they were left a bit puzzled. The Witcher 3 was a fantastic game with great story, gameplay, and expansive world to explore. Of course we had more time to delve into this game compared to Fallout 4 being out for less than a month. CD Projekt RED is a fantastic game company that cares about their gamers. This was shown with free downloadable content throughout 2015 for their newest entry to the series. The same can be said about Bethesda but with such a late release, not much has been experienced yet. This is what could have pushed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt over the top to claim the Game Of The Year Award.

This loss does not diminish Bethesda or Fallout 4 at all because them as a company and their games continue to impress and leave an imprint on the world of gaming. As I stated earlier, I think the late release was the biggest factor for the loss at the awards show. I think Bethesda saw this one coming because very rarely does a late release game slide through with the GOTY win. Also, The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 were heavily anticipated by a large majority of gamers. We have been waiting multiple years for follow-ups to our beloved series and they both came out in 2015. This made a pretty great conflict for the award and left a huge decision to be made. As we all saw, Witcher 3 won.

Games, consoles, and just gaming in general is one huge competition. It’s about who can make a better product than the others. Each year our technology gets better and better. This means gaming slowly evolves each and every quarter. Better graphics, smoother gameplay, great story, and higher number of sales is what drives the creative force behind creating video games today. Most game companies strive to make a better product than the rest. Many factors lead to this and release date is a huge one. This is what made Fallout 4 come in 2nd place this year. Again,I enjoy both the Witcher series and Fallout series equally so I am not putting down one or the other. I would like to congratulate The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for winning Game Of The Year and CD Projekt RED for supporting their loyal gamers throughout the years.

What are your thoughts on Fallout 4 not winning Game Of The Year? Do you think The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt deserved the title? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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  1. It lost because there were at least 2 or 3 games better than Fallout 4 this past year. It’s not because it was a late entry.

    • Also because it pretty much spat in the face of what made the previous Fallout games great by quite a margin.

  2. Ridiculous. Look at the metacritic scores. Those paint the full picture quite easily. Both witcher 3 and MGS 5 deserved to win much more than Fallout 4 ever did.

    • MGS5? No.

    • i dont think so

  3. Its because 2015 was the best year for video gamers EVER!!! It knocked 2007 out of the park.

  4. Halo 5 won it for me.

  5. beautiful graphics??????

    • Yea. The artstyle is leagues better than FO3 and imo the most immersive open world out of all the open world games this year.

      • I disagree, FO4 was too bright, colorful, and shiny, the gritty grimy atmosphere of FO3/NV was better suited to Fallout’s post-appocalyptic world, just not in the form of dated lower resolution textures.

  6. It lost because it was yet another dumbed down Bethesda game, they’ve been dumbing down their games ever since Oblivion.

  7. Fallout 4 sucks, that is why.

  8. Fallout H8rs below me

    • Just because people don’t like FO4 doesn’t mean they are haters of Fallout in general, you have made a pretty dumb assumption there. FO4 was a disgrace to the series.

      • THIS is what I mean by “Fallout H8rs”. You and the people below, to a higher extent, have dissed Fallout with little explanation, if any. The best explanations I saw in the comments (and there were multiple) were “Fallout 4 sucks” or “Fallout 4 ruined the franchise” or even “every single game is better than Fallout 4”. If you want to hate on something, at least give an example, explanation or proof.

        • Simply spouting out initial comments such as “fallout haters below me” is not a compelling argument either so you’re pretty much a hypocrite here.

          • If you look at the comments not just above me but especially below me you will know what I mean. There is 0% hypocrisy nor is there any bullshit in that previous statement of mine. I wouldn’t’ve spurred out “Fallout H8rs below me” had they given out valuable proof but all the “proof” I got was “Fallout 4 sucks” or “Fallout 1-3 were better”, meaning it was mostly acceptable to call them out as H8rs. Shit like this has been repeated various and numerous times yet, like war, it never changes.

          • You are just delusional, and of course there was hypocrisy in your second comment, what you said initially is too much of an autistic reaction and not a valid comment, just because others may have said stupid things doesn’t mean you should as well.

            Also you included me in the haters below you in your first reply to me even though my only other comment here is much newer than your calling out haters comment. All I was discussing was certain aspects not fitting and a few things missing, I am allowed to share an opinion of mine.

            Also upvoting your own comments is pretty dumb.

          • “Delusional” is what you call me yet you decide to just favor the specimen that pull the “h8r” card. Do you have no idea that you are, in fact, DEFENDING them? Even worse is that you decided to reply when you could’ve just ignored the entire convention. So far, you’ve reached a level even lower than me by continuing to diss me just for scarring myself without looking at how much you broke your own bones.

            Again, this is the internet. Any opinion will always have a counter-argument and a spark will always trickle into a fire, just like right now. Don’t think the internet is reality. If you want to be super-precise, do so at your own will but if I feel like spraying my argument everywhere, I will, even if it means using the same reason to protect it.

          • I did nothing of the sort and you’re just making shit up, also you are upvoting your own comments which I find it quite pathetic, you just can’t admit that you said something stupid.

  9. Fallout 4 was my most disappointing game of the year, that’s the only list it belongs on.

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