Super Party Sports: Football Review (Xbox One)

The title may say football, but that is the way people in other countries say soccer. Americans say soccer so some gamers may be a bit confused on what this game is. It is a soccer game that was originally a flash game online.


The gameplay for SPSF is very simple with a few quirks. You control a team of soccer players, the main goal is to eliminate all opponents and score a goal to complete each level. Before starting you are able to choose a country to play as, I noticed no difference between them when playing. You can earn stars by scoring a goal within the time limit posted next to each star, this varies for each level. Throughout these levels you will encounter enemies that take more than one hit to kill. Also when you eliminate enemies, hit floating coins, and score you will earn coins which can be used to purchase special power ups to aid you during the tougher levels. I feel that I gained coins a bit too slow even though I aimed for three stars on each level I played. The power ups were adding time after each kill and making killing easier. You can adjust your shots with the right stick to shoot higher, lower, faster, or slower. The levels start off very simple but get challenging very quickly especially when going for all three stars. The frame rate was smooth and gameplay was enjoyable overall.


SPSF has cartoon-style graphics that match the gameplay and feel of the game. The characters are pretty detailed as well as the backgrounds and obstacles in the levels. There is not much more to say than that. I enjoyed the graphics style of the game because it was appealing to the eyes.


Sound design for SPSF is simple but very effective. When hitting the ball you hear a kicking sound, when hitting enemies you hear a crack, and when scoring you are rewarded with a short and catchy tune. Every time I scored I would dance in my chair because the song was fantastic and very fitting. Overall the sound was great and simple.

Fun Factor:

Super Party Sports: Football is a great game to play when you’re bored or in the mood for a quick sports-style game. I found myself playing it while listening to a podcast or doing some work. It isn’t focused on the soccer aspect as much but if you wanted a serious soccer game then go play some FIFA! I had a ton of fun and will continue to play it until I earn three stars on each level.


Super Party Sports: Football is available for $4.99 on the Xbox Marketplace. I feel this is a great asking price for such an enjoyable game to play once in a while. There are a total of 100 levels to play through and 3-star. You can earn some easy achievements while playing SPSF as well for you Achievement Hunters out there! Definitely worth a play for only five dollars!

Final Verdict:


+ Fun when bored
+ 100 levels
+ Easy to play
+ Catchy music
+ Easy achievements
+ Only $5

– Can get difficult during later levels
– Teams have no effect on gameplay

Are you going to purchase Super Party Sports: Football? Do you enjoy physics based puzzle games like this? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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