Will Kojima and Playstation Eventually Make a New Silent Hills Game?


Recently, everyone heard the news that Hideo Kojima will be partnering with PlayStation to make a new game. Many immediately had their hopes up for a brand new Silent Hills game. Since then, it was confirmed that this game would not be a new Silent Hills game. However, it was confirmed that this partnership would be longterm. So, Silent Hills might not be the next game that they come out with, but they certainly have the potential to come out with this game some day.

In August 2014, Silent Hills was revealed as a P.T. (playable teaser) and was set to come out for the PlayStation 4. It used a first-person perspective (rather than third-person, as found in the rest of the Silent Hill series) and centers around Norman Reedus (the protagonist), who explores the supernatural throughout the game. It was cancelled in March 2015 due to the fact that Kojima planned to leave Konami after the creation of the new Metal Gear Solid game. It was confirmed that Silent Hills was officially cancelled, but they wanted to continue the Silent Hill gaming franchise.

P.T. gained a lot of popularity, with over one million downloads by September 1st 2014. This led many fans to be shocked at the fact that this game would be cancelled. Many believed that this game would have such a bright future and would be a spectacular addition to the Silent Hill series. With the news of the cancellation, many fans were left with the feeling that there was no hope for this game to ever be created. However, thanks to the news about Kojima’s longterm partnership with PlayStation, a new light has been shed on that hope.

The game was directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. Combined with the popular demand for the game (especially now with the news of the partnership) and the fact that Kojima planned for this game to be released on a Sony console, I believe that the new partnership will lead to the full creation of this game once and for all.

This game gained far too much popularity to just be thrown in the trash. Sure, the cancellation was confirmed because everyone thought Kojima would never see himself make a game for Sony ever again; but since we now know that PlayStation and Kojima will be working together longterm, the gaming community once again has hope for this game to be created. It might take some time, since they’re already working on a different project that was confirmed not to be Silent Hills, but to me it seems inevitable that this game will one day be created. Do you think Silent Hills will one day be fully created? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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