Does 2016 Have To Be A Breakout Year For Video Games?

There is no doubt that 2015 was a fantastic year for gamers. We had the long awaited release in the Fallout series, welcome sequels to long standing favorites, and some new entries. But what about 2016 and the need to give us more? With such a stellar previous year, do we need a cooling off period – or does the gaming industry need to keep up the pace?

I feel that 2016 should be a welcomed year of relaxation, revisiting and catching up. While Sony will be dominating the market this year with exclusives like Uncharted 4, No Mans Sky and The Last Guardian – the majority of gamers will still have time to play their old favorites. Microsoft does have some high caliber games releasing, but it appears the fervor for such games are not high on priority lists. I know that I still have time invested in Dragon Age, Fallout 4 as well as reoccurring favorites like Call of Duty, Halo and Destiny. Since backwards compatibility went live, I have been playing some old favorites again on the Xbox One. So does the industry owe us gamers high valued games or explosive releases?

Everyone is counting down the days till E3, when we hope to see new IPs the next big games and news. Will Virtual Reality be making a move or perhaps some other peripheral? We can always expect the next sequel to Call of Duty although the usual Assassins Creed sequel seems unlikely for 2016 so nothing is a guarantee. What about other games? I think that 2016 will be a building year for 2017 and on, for games that have been in development for a couple years now. I also think that we will have our regular Q4 releases, like Mass Effect Andromeda, that should spur the market in any way that it may lack over the course of 2016.

So will just average year have an impact on the industry as a whole? I think not. 2015 loaded us up with new games as well as old favorites; courtesy of backwards compatibility, and DLC to keep us coming back for more. Fiscally both Microsoft and Sony reported record earnings with console sales as well as their individual market plans. Both companies reported to shareholders large increase in market cap and operating costs. This in part was the strong Q4 finish, with deals that were done on games as well as console packages and the announcement and implementation of new ideas. The caliber of games with their intense story, increased replay value and heavy focus on multiplayer will keep people busy for at least the first 2 quarters. That is not to say folks will be excited about new releases, but most have full plates to keep them busy.

We as gamers are always looking for the next big game – the next one to play with friends, the one to play through multiple times, and mainly to enjoy. Coming off the wonderful releases of 2015, we have a chance to take a breather, enjoy what we have and be able to casually pick new releases as they come to us in the New Year.

What do you think, does the gaming industry owe us a big year, or can we sit back and relax? Post your comments below.

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  1. Take a breather ?
    2-3 years into the console cycle is where the most awesome games are supposed to happen. 2015 was awesome (Witcher3omg) but 2016 needs to go even more hot. Cooldown period is welcome in 2017, but not when 2013/14 were disappointments and only year that delivered was 2015,…16 just needs to take that momentum.

    ALL we have been doing this Gen is catching up on old games, it is about time we get new games, new IPs for 2years straight. Hell…we haven’t even seen like any major exclusive from Sony stable. (not badmouthing it, just saying.)

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