Why 2016 Will Define the 8th Generation of Consoles


Video games have been the center of happiness for many people all over the world since their debut around 1972. In this 1st generation of consoles, games were no more complex than a simple pong game. These games consisted of very basic lines and/or dots, and they had very basic color graphics that rarely stretched beyond black and white. Eight generations down the road and we see an incredible evolution of this form of entertainment. Today we have established 3D technologies for video games, have full-orchestrated soundtracks, and have acquired graphics so stunning that it’s considered an art form. This generation consists of several unique consoles, including the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo Wii U, the Playstation 4, the Sony Vita, and the Xbox One. This 8th generation of gaming continues into 2016, which I believe will define this remarkable generation of consoles based on the upcoming content we have coming our way.

First, let’s look at the New Nintendo 3DS. A big round of applause for Nintendo – they finally made 3D work. With an improved 3D depth and brand new face-detecting system, Nintendo has finally reached true 3D in consoles – something all other consoles have yet to do. Nintendo has been experimenting with 3D technology since the Gamecube era, and it’s great to see that more than a decade’s work has finally paid off with this new handheld console. What Nintendo has in store for the longterm future of this console remains a secret, but we do know of some great 2016 titles coming our way for the system such as Hyrule Warriors: Legends, Fire Emblem, and Dragon Quest. With Nintendo creeping up on the 9th generation of gaming with the soon-to-be-announced Nintendo NX, I’m sure Nintendo will go out with a bang with this console.

Because of the upcoming NX, Nintendo also has to go out with a bang for the Wii U. Nintendo has recently stated that even with the upcoming NX, Nintendo will reward those who invested in the Wii U. What that means, we don’t exactly know right now. However, we do know that next year is the 30th anniversary for the Legend of Zelda franchise and the Metroid franchise, so we can expect something big to happen there. As for the Legend of Zelda, we do know that we have Twilight Princess HD and Zelda Wii U on their way this year, which is exciting for Wii U owners.

Moving on to Sony, the PlayStation 4 has some great titles heading our way this year. PlayStation fans have a lot to be excited about. With the news at last year’s E3 of all the upcoming 2016 releases, I’m almost convinced to buy myself a PlayStation. It’s hard to resist with great upcoming titles such as Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn (which I’m personally most excited about), and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Even though the Sony Vita wasn’t very successful, Sony has an incredible lineup of upcoming games; more so than we’ve ever seen in this generation of gaming. Sony certainly knows how to please its gamers.

Finally, let’s have a look at what Microsoft has coming our way. With Far Cry Primal, Quantum Break, Dark Souls III, and Resident Evil to name a few, Microsoft has a solid lineup for this year. Those loyal to Microsoft have just as much to look forward to as those loyal to Sony and Nintendo, and that says a lot about the 8th generation of gaming.

It appears that all three gaming companies are working in sync to make 2016 an incredible year for gaming. With all of this said, there is also a lot in store for us that we don’t even know about yet – especially on Nintendo’s end. 2016 will definitely be the year that defines the 8th generation of gaming, and it will act as a great bridge to the upcoming 9th generation of gaming which will be here in the coming years.

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