The Video Gaming Industry Needs To Learn From What Until Dawn Managed To Do

This time last year, I was thinking about how great 2015 was going to be for video gaming and the 8th generation of console. Of a list that exceeded 50 games, there was one game that did not make that list. That game was Until Dawn. It wasn’t because I didn’t like the previews of the game, I just didn’t hear about the game until dawn (I just had to do that, sorry!) close to release date. I looked at these previews, thought it was similar to Heavy Rain with more horror and was interested right then.

Little did I know it would become one of the best video games in 2015, and left me wanting more. While quite a few of those video games I was hyped for, and that many were also hyped for ending up being busts. Until Dawn was never built up to be “the greatest game of the generation” or some ridiculous statement that most video games can’t back up, and end up disappointing gamers because of that kind of hype.

Until Dawn was never seen as a game that would be successful, a franchise? Not a chance. This had the feeling going in to it that it was a one and done game, that if it at least sold “well” it would be considered a success. It ended up selling way over what was expected, became a major hit on Youtube via lets plays, and sequels are already in discussion

It’s an honest video game that people can get behind and support to do well. It doesn’t screw the gamer over, it’s not riddled with in game purchases, it’s extremely user friendly and it was an underdog with it being released at a time when several major AAA video games were close to release. The last and by far the biggest point to make in this article, the game is fun! It’s 2016, and video games have changed a lot since 1996, but the whole point of playing video game is having fun whilst playing them, which seems to be strangely dying in present day video games with a grind through this game approach becoming more frequent.

Although my overall point is “we need more Until Dawn’s in the video game industry” it doesn’t mean we need more of that type of video game. It’s far from that, it’s the way the actual game was handled, the practises it used, and promoting it the right way. By doing that, it became more successful than quite a few established video games that released last year with multi million dollar advertising backing them.

Do you agree with this article? Do we need more “Until Dawn’s” in the video game industry? Or do you have a different opinion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. True story. Great game.

  2. Great article, fantastic game.

  3. Yep, even superior to RE7.

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