Bloodborne Hardly Got Any GOTY Awards, And Why It’s A Real Shame

Bloodborne released last year at a time when the 8th generation was really lacking in have a good library of video games. We were still months away from MGS V and The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 wasn’t even confirmed at that point. Not a single new IP in 2014 had an average of over 90, and the best rated exclusive games were remasters and re-releases of old games. That’s when Bloodborne changed all that.

Bloodborne released to extremely high praise from critics, and became the highest rated non remastered video game. It also still holds the title of being the highest rated exclusive even after a big year of Microsoft exclusives in 2015. However we reach December/early January and the Game Of The Year awards are starting to be posted and announced. Bloodborne got almost no GOTY awards.

Even the PS4’s official GOTY awards didn’t see Bloodborne as the best video game of 2015 with The Witcher 3 getting the honors. Some sites didn’t even mention Bloodborne as a contender or honorable mention, but where did it all go wrong for this great video game? It was well received, sold well, but didn’t get the final honors.  Was it because journalists did not want to chose an exclusive as the GOTY? Was it because this is the death of the “hardcore games” and that it wasn’t mainstream enough to deserve the awards.

I just know it’s a damn shame that this brilliant video game did not get the awards it deserved for what it truly did for the 8th generation of games. Historically when we look back at the 8th generation of video games, Bloodborne will always be known as the first video game to really breakthrough in that generation with most new IP’s before it and even some after it being major letdowns. Bloodborne was hyped up and still managed to exceed expectations of the fans and Sony themselves.

It’s really rare for a video game to get an average of 92 on Metacritic, and receive so little back in GOTY awards. I understand that 2015 was extremely stacked, and GOTY awards would have been spread out quite a lot, but to snub Bloodborne as “best PS4 game” and give it to a multiplatform game is just inexcusable and makes us think if there’s another reason as to why Bloodborne was snubbed so much. Could it be that the game was “too hard” for the casual gamer, and that more casual based games are pushed as the winners of the end of year awards? We will never know the reasons why, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was a damn shame Bloodborne did not get the awards it truly deserved.

Do you feel Bloodborne was snubbed in the GOTY awards? Was there a reason for it? Or do you think it didn’t deserve the GOTY awards? Let us know in the comments section.


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  1. Bloodborne was a great game but exclusive or not it just couldn’t compete with the Witcher 3. Witcher 3 was the first open world style game for the developer and it set new standards for the the rpg genre. Bloodborne was more or less another souls game. This isn’t a bad thing but it was more evolutionary than revolutionary. If there was an award for best exclusive then I would certainly have given Bloodborne that honor but I wouldn’t say it was game of the year worthy in my opinion.

    • I never played Witcher 3 buy I heard it was glitchy by a number of players.

      Having said that…you claim bb is another souls game , yet it’s an entirely different theme? It’s is its own game , the combat is different ,and it’s Mechanics for this type of game is almost flawless. Not to mention the level design is stellar., and let’s not forget the environment and back drops are stunning!

      You come off as w3 fanboy, claiming bb is not revolutionary and I do not sgree, from has brought back old schioil , gritty , smash mouth gaming whilet still boasting polished game play.
      Every ds and bb are revolutionary!

  2. Same thing happened with dark souls 1 where skyrim won most goty awards. funny thing is that there are common things between w3 and skyrim.
    I came to the conclusion that how many new gameplay elements there is, how good the combat is, or how much variety in the game dont matter, what matters is the SIZE of the map and the NUMBER of quests it has..

  3. First, I have not seen any site where bloodborne is not on the Contenders list.
    Second, It won it on gametrilers and twinfinite.
    Third, the fact that it released early on the year does diminish its chances.
    4th the witcher 3 got the same scores and most sites will give it to a multiplatform (so more people will be happy).

  4. My guess is that very few people and “journalists” actually finished it, let alone playing the whole thing, DLC, chalice dungeons, etc. it’s the first time I actually feel disgusted at the lack of praise for a GAME that actually deserves it. Original IP, mind-blowing lore, brilliant gameplay, gorgeous music. It has everything that those hybrid movie-games have. Except that is a full on videogame, clearly aimed at a very reduced crowd.

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