Why Hitman Going Episodic Could Be A Well Worth Risk, Or The Death Of A Great Series

Hitman will be going through some changes once again, as now it will now be episodic and will only launch with a prologue and a Paris location. Previously it was going to launch with that, but also with Italy and Morocco too. Many are worried and against the approach that Hitman will be taking. At first I was the same, and also questioned many of the decisions made. I also thought of the positives it can bring which I will talk about further in this article.

Episodic games are becoming much more frequent these days, and have become also quite popular with gamers. Episodic video games are also the perfect games to feature on Youtube channels which is a great way to get a game that hasn’t fully released the much needed attention to be a big seller. Though compared to other video games like that, Hitman will have the advantage of already being an established series.

Going episodic means the gamers who are interested in this game will now only have to pay a fraction of the price, and from there can decide if they want to keep on paying for more episodes or the game might not be what they wanted it to be, and they save $45 by doing so. Square Enix can then also use this in their favor by offering it free in the future which is a practise that Telltale Games uses for their episodic video games. Offer a free episode, and then if the customer is happy with what is being offered they will buy the rest of the reason.

This point however does bring the risks that are obviously going to come with this new strategy. What if this first episode does nothing for the player, and then they’ve lost a full priced sale that they would have had if Hitman was released with all the planned content for $60. There’s also a lot of people who don’t like waiting for episodes of games to release, and instead wait for the complete game. By this time the game could already have discounts which again means less profits.

I just hope this all pays off as I am a big fan of Hitman, and if this fails it could mean the end of AAA Hitman games as Absolution was below sales targets. There’s still two months to go until the release of the first episode, and with how many changes have happened over the last 6 months there’s still plenty of time for something else to happen.

What do you think about Hitman going episodic? Is this going to work or not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I really dislike episodic gaming because very few developers give a release schedule and those that do do not stick to them usually. It has forced me to now wait until the whole series is released so I can play on my schedule. It is especially bad for games where decisions are made and then you forget what choices were.

    • It was really disappointing at the start but now after months of dodgy scheduling and Thailand probably being released over a month late I’m getting so sick of it. Never buying an episodic release game again. IO have pissed me off big time

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