Why We Are Hyped For Street Fighter V

The release of Street Fighter V is only a few weeks away now and anticipation for the next entry in the legendary Capcom fighting franchise is building rapidly. But why the hype for this next entry and why are we excited about it? Here are just a few reasons why we are hyped for Street Fighter V.

Its been too long

Its been almost seven years since a main number entry for Street Fighter has come out. Yes Street Fighter IV received what seemed like a million different versions over the past few years but many players just got tired of all the little changes and and felt the game was just overdone. The series has been in dire need of a full on sequel for awhile now.

You’ll never need another version

Speaking of all the different versions of Street Fighter IV another thing we are excited about is that we won’t be seeing the same thing happen to Street Fighter V. Capcom has said that the initial copy of Street Fighter V that you buy will be the only one that you ever need as all future DLC will be able to be earned just by playing the game. Sure you can still pay more money to unlock the new characters and such faster but you don’t need to if you don’t want to. Just play the game as much as you like and earn money to unlock them free of charge.

Cross Play on PS4 & PC

Street Fighter V is going to let us play Street Fighter V on our PS4’s against PC Street Fighter V players and vice versa. That is huge as it connects more players together and gives us even more opponents to fight. Anything that helps build a bigger community is a good thing and yet another reason to be excited for the new entry.

Old and New

Between the returning fighters, new fighters, and even some of the redesigned fighters there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the roster in Street Fighter V. Yes you got Ryu, M. Bison, Chun-Li but you also got characters who haven’t been in a Street Fighter game in awhile like Charlie Nash and Birdie and new characters like Necalli, Laura, and others. We can’t wait to play as all of them!

So these are just a few reasons why we are hyped for Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4 and PC. Tell us in the comments why you are looking forward to the game.

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