Why Resident Evil 7 Will Be A Return To Survival Horror

With the release of Resident Evil 4 in 2005, the Resident Evil series had changed everything that you knew about the series except the lead character. It was almost unrecognizable as a Resident Evil game, it was a big change but a change that was needed at the time. The series had become tiresome to many, and came at a time when survival horror was considered a passe genre of video games. The change proved to be successful as Resident Evil 4 is not only the highest rated Resident Evil of all time, but it’s also one of the highest rated video games ever.

So the change was successful for Capcom, but it all came at a price. Resident Evil 5 and 6 were considerable drops in quality compared to prior Resident Evil games. The series became to reliant on action, and fans of the series had become tired of the action direction that Resident Evil was going in.

Now with rumors going around like crazy that Resident Evil 7 is close to being announced, it’s made many think will Capcom go back to the Resident Evil of old? Or will an action based Resident Evil be the next in the series. I think it’s 100% going to be a survival horror game for the next main series entry, and these are the reasons why.

Resident Evil 6 was a critical disaster for the series, and was the lowest rated main series title ever in Resident Evil history. With Resident Evil 5, it was received well by critics and was also the most bought Resident Evil game of all time. It would of been questionable to go back to survival horror just yet because action Resident Evil games were still received well and were breaking records.

Capcom has showed its commitment to the survival horror genre Resident Evil games by remastering and releasing Resident Evil (2002 remake) and Resident Evil Zero along with confirming Resident Evil 2 remake which has been asked by Resident Evil fans for over a decade which shows Capcom is finally listening to what the fans want.

There’s also been a change in what gamers have been playing over the last few years. Horror and survival games have had a major rise in popularity due to Youtube lets plays which was something that wasn’t around when Resident Evil was at its peak as a survival horror game. When Resident Evil 4 was released, it was fresh, it was something that no other game was doing at the time. Resident Evil 4 helped define what current gen 3rd person shooters could be at the time. Gears Of War is a perfect example of a game that used the Resident Evil 4 3rd person shooter perspective as an inspiration.

Some will say that going back to survival horror will not do anything because they have already done it before, and mastered it. Would people become bored of Resident Evil’s take on survival horror? The answer is no because in that 14 year gap were Capcom focused on action, other games were breathing new life in survival horror games.

It’s up to Capcom to give their own unique take on survival horror like they did all them years ago, and like they did with Resident Evil 4 for third person shooters. This great series can’t afford to release another “Resident Evil 6” as it hurt the franchise enough already, and the once highly rated and fondly spoke about series will become one of those series that keep on going and going when they should have stopped making new editions of what they are selling.

What do you think Resident Evil 7 should be? Should it be survival horror? Should it continue to be an action game? Should they work on the survival horror-action mix they were going for in Resident Evil 6? Should they try a totally new genre for their first title in the 8th generation of consoles. Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. I just want the new RE2 REMAKE right now. Hopefully that will come first before RE7, but I actually kinda doubt it. Guessing we’ll see RE7 debut by this springs E3.

    Based on the masterpiece RE1 remake, I have high hopes for the RE2 remake.
    Unfortunately based slightly on RE5 and more so RE6, I do not have the same high hopes for RE7…

  2. they have great chances thing is with RE there were a lot of things that make the product it was never just the zombies or the protagonists or the main enemies it was all But the RE remake had the same but augmented it has More creepy and powerful enemies grotesque looking, zombies had updated with the Crimson heads making them even more dangerous, the mansion and the whole zone was bigger and scarier, they do have to return all that back and add maybe a bit more as The Evil within in some aspects, fewer gun choices but a good gameplay system still not complicated RE revelations 1 was a better approach a good new powerful character enemy as yeah Thantos, Tyrant or Nemesis would be good, that as the bigger enemy in RE 6 was awesome but definetely never a daylight scenario as RE 5 maybe Rebecca, Jill, Leon or Jake as protagonists!!!

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