Why We’re Excited For Far Cry Primal

Ubisoft are onto something of a winner with the Far Cry series. The more recent entries into the series have been huge successes and Ubisoft are quite obviously happy to build on this with their newest entry, Far Cry Primal. While we don’t have a huge amount of concrete knowledge about exactly what direction they will go with the game, we can be sure that if it follows the formula that saw the previous entries gain a mainstream following, this one will definitely be somewhat successful.

The biggest thing to be excited about is the fact that, like I previously stated, it is a Far Cry title. These games are known for their very solid stealth and shooter gameplay, as well as a wealth of exploration, big continents and unique locations. A Far Cry game will always give you the urge to veer off the beaten track and explore jungles and forests in hunt of game and leathers, skydive and parachute jump from the highest cliffs and liberate enemy-controlled settlements at any means necessary, either silently or by force. Ubisoft are also great at making very memorable main villains. If we can expect half of the things from this list to get into Primal, we are in for a treat, especially in the setting they are going for.

That is another huge draw to this game in particular. The word Primal suggests there will be no guns, which is a very bold move coming from a primarily first person shooter game. If Ubisoft manage to pull off the feeling and style of this game without sacrificing the elements that make it such a loved game to begin with, this game is going to be very well received and truly will shine a light on the fact that by changing up these dull formulas and patterns of repetition that we see all too often in the games industry these days, developers will sell more games and people will be more likely to experiment with different genres and idea.

All it takes is a spark of magic in a development studio and a new idea for the next big thing is born. Far Cry Primal really is being talked about for all the right reasons and is sure to be one to watch. possibly even a contender for game of the year if it’s pulled off right!

Let us know what you think about the Far Cry series going stone age! Does it interest you? Or are you going to stick to shooters?


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