Capcom, Please Do NOT! Screw Up Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 was one of the greatest games of its generation, and for many it’s the best game in the Resident Evil series. After the original Resident Evil was given the remake treatment in 2002, many was waiting in anticipation for Resident Evil 2 to get the same treatment, but discussions of the remake were always shot down by Capcom. It looked like Resident Evil 2 would never be remade. That was until there was a spike in popularity in classic Resident Evil games, Resident Evil HD on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 sold well over expectations and broke certain sales records.

Later in 2015, Resident Evil 2 remake was confirmed to be in development. The high sales of Resident Evil HD was supposedly the reason why a remake of Resident Evil 2 was green lit. While many including myself were extremely happy that it was finally confirmed after so many years, there has always been the feeling that Capcom could mess this up.

This leads me to the first way they could screw up the remake of Resident Evil 2 which is relying too much on action. Old Resident Evil games were not really action games, there was a limited amount of enemies on screen, and it made every encounter mean something. You had to think, and you had to plan because if you used too many bullets on one enemy then you might leave yourself without ammo for a portion of the game which most of the time lead to many game over screens. In recent Resident Evil’s you are constantly given ammo, and overpower pretty much every enemy on screen which was up to 15 at a time.

The point being, it has to be faithful the original. Capcom can’t expect fans to accept a new vision of Resident Evil 2 that plays like Resident Evil 6. It has to be survival horror, it has to tone down the action, and it has to be Resident Evil 2 and not “What Resident Evil 2 would have been like had it released in 2009” nobody who is a fan of Resident Evil 2 wants that.

Fans of the game are also wondering if the remake will retain the camera angles and tank controls of the original game or will Capcom use the modern camera angles and controls. I don’t think it would be right if Capcom used the modern over the shoulder angle for a remake of Resident Evil 2 because again it’s not faithful to the original which used tank controls and had the fixed camera angles. I can also see the point other fans who prefer the modern controls and camera angles, so to appease both fans, Capcom must make both controls and camera angles optional. However tank controls and static camera angles should be the default settings.

What made Resident Evil on the Gamecube so great was that Capcom didn’t just remake a classic from the ground up, they added around 30% of the new content to the campaign. New puzzles, areas, and enemies all managed to fit in well, and never felt out of place or something that didn’t need to be added to the remake. With that being said, it would be a great shame if this remake was just built from the ground up, but copied the original piece by piece. Like the Gamecube remake, there should be new bosses, new areas, new puzzles. The Gamecube remake felt like a new game, and that’s what many are hoping for with Resident Evil 2 remake.

Like all Resident Evil fans out there, I am super hyped for this remake but I felt these points needed to be made. As a big fans of the original games, I and many other fans don’t want our memories of the classic ruined by a rushed and half-hearted remake. Resident Evil on the Gamecube made us love Resident Evil all over again, and in the near future we want the same to happen with Resident Evil 2.

Are you looking forward to the Resident Evil 2 remake? What worries you about the remake? What would you like to see in the remake? We want to hear all your thoughts, ideas, and opinions in the comments section below.

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  1. Agreed completely. To me, the Gamecube remake of the first game is the ideal way to handle a remake–the same core game, but with improvements and new content.

    I’m hopeful the success of the HD remasters has convinced Capcom the old style is still popular enough. …But part of me fears they no longer know HOW to make a survival horror game, since Revelations was the closest they’ve gotten with a new game in a long time, and it lingered on the edge.

    • You do realize that its more than likely going to be an actual 2016 RE4-Revelations style correct? Its not 1998, hopefully they step into the current times instead of limiting this thing to garbage that hasn’t been relevant since 1999…I’ve been playing RE since 1996, and even I have the common sense to realize that the highest selling entries in the series are 5 at 8 million to date and 6 with 7 million to date…The PORTS of REmake and Zero prove those old tank controls and static cameras time has passed

      • more likely RE 4-5 survival horror mix with action ..i doubt it

      • I still prefer the old style. I don’t care if they get rid of tank controls and static camera angles, as long as they keep the core gameplay of the classic games.

        Just because you think the old style is garbage doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of people out there who want that style to return. And Capcom must realize it too, since they ported/remastered REmake and Zero.

      • You obviously have no idea what your talking about, time has passed yes but the original tank cameras and angels is what made the game scary!… I play re1 re2 re3 hundreds of times and still almost jump out of my seat ever time thanks to them angel. This modern day action pack resident evil doesn’t even scare my 3 year old…

  2. Question:
    Is the RE2 Remake team composed of the same team members or at least some key members who were on the original GameCube RE1 Remake team?

    If yes, we’re in good hands. If no, hmmmmm…..slightly worried…

  3. i want next RE 7 more like RE5 mix of horror survival action with massive crowd of zombies , many variety of enemies & beasts such as lickers,hunters ,tyrants,also weapon upgrade shop from RE5,different locations ,co-op split screen , puzzles ,survival mode ..etc

    as for RE 2 remake make it original ,classic survival with 3D camera 🙂

  4. Exactly, if it DOESN’T have incredible prerendered backgrounds worthy of 2016 and tank controls, then just STOP development right now. I simply won’t be touching it just like every RE game since 5 (which I still regret buying).
    With the debut reveal of ingame graphics, I am going to know instantly if I am avoiding this or not.

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